Author Topic: For Sale: Custom TIE Ugly and custom snowspeeder  (Read 510 times)

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For Sale: Custom TIE Ugly and custom snowspeeder
« on: April 30, 2008, 10:30 AM »

The time has come to sell off my beloved customs.  At the moment I'm selling the TIE/X Ugly that you can see in the link above.  It's made from a vintage TIE Interceptor and vintage X wing.  I've bolted the wings to the top of the fuselage and the TIE solar panels have been bolted to the wings.  You can also see from the pics that I've glued numerous pieces to the ship as well.  I got those pieces from a number of sources, GI Joe, knock off GI Joe (can't remember the name), some vintage Star Wars parts, and modern Star Wars parts.

For this ship, I'm asking for $100 OBO. 

See this link over at RS to view pics of the snowspeeder.

I'm also selling my custom snowspeeder.  This is assembled mainly from a vintage snowspeeder with some various pieces added to it that I had sitting around.  I'm asking $50 for this ship.

All prices include paypal fees.  Shipping for each ship will be $15 for each one.  I will include delivery confirmation and insurance.  I will pack as carefully as possible.  However, I can't guarantee all the pieces will remain glued to each ship through transit. Luckily, I used either model glue or super glue in most cases and it should be easy to reglue any parts that do manage to fall off.
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