Author Topic: Hasbro should re-release original vintage star wars figures  (Read 3716 times)

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Nowadays is very hard to acquire a real vintage SW figure from 3/4 inches, they cost too much from 40 dollars to 2000 dollars or higher. So why if Hasbro with and update of the kenner license bring some characters back again. With the same paint job, or could be  a little updated, but with same card, blisyter, cardback style, coins, logos, etc? :)

This will be the definite effort for original collectors in order to complete our first collection: Sw, ESB, Rotj, Potf.

For Example I have Tac DST, but I wish I have the original Death Squad Commander
a premiere list for this release should include vintage jawa, death star droid, tie fighter pilot, death squad commander or star destroyer commander, a wing pilot, the variants of rebel soldiers.

Propose the re issue of your favorite vintage figures, preferably those that you donīt have and wish to acquire.

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Re: Hasbro should re-release original vintage star wars figures
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2008, 04:14 AM »
I know you're new here Epic, and I don't mean to ruin your start here by being negative against your post here, but I just simply cannot disagree more with your wish...

First, I would hate to see Hasbro's resources for Star Wars taken away from the basic line for yet another "sub-line" which is what this proposition essentially is.  Essentially, I'd view this proposition as negatively as I view 2.5" Unleashed figures, Choppers, or anything else I see "doomed to failure" written on the wall for it...  Sometimes, reliving the past isn't a necessarilly good or popular idea.

Second, value...  Vintage items reissued have tended to impact the perceived value of items.  While it doesn't matter (nor should it) on modern items, I do believe the vintage market is a separate egg all together.  It's a world where many people paid a lot of scratch to get what they got, and rightly so as it's items that haven't been out in years.  So you paid $80 for a mint complete Amanaman...  How pissed off are you when Hasbro says, "hey, here's Amanaman, and he's only $8".  Again I say that modern doesn't count, it's apples and oranges (and they re-release crap all the time...  Patience is the game on Star Wars today). 

Third, and I'm not always fond of this argument because it is elitest IMO, but "sometimes you don't deserve what you cannot afford", for lack of a better way to word that statement.  The fact is though, vintage is at its price because it's more scarce, and it's more sought after...  It should be a CHALLENGE then to the person looking to buy into vintage, to work to acheive the goal...  Be it a complete loose collection, tracking down really rare stuff like prototypes and mint carded, or beyond.

Fourth, when you buy a "vintage" figure that was made yesterday...  It's not "vintage".  It's just essentially a ****** modern figure, to put it bluntly.  Why pay modern prices for something that has all the appeal of a toy from, well, 1978?  I like V30AC IG-88 because he's f'n sweet!  He's loaded with articulation, a removable bandoleir, removable mines, removable blasters, and amazing detail...  He's worth the $10 I paid.  1980 IG-88 has value because he's from 1980 and finding him with original weapons is something special.  1980 sculpt IG-88 made in 2008 = a pretty ugly modern figure at a pretty disgusting price.

Fifth, there wasn't much love when the concept was attempted many moons ago, so I don't think it will work now either.  Plus, how many vintage figures really command THAT much of a premium?  Not that many really...  Loose vintage is a fairly affordable hobby save for maybe 25% (not counting Droids/Ewoks) that command a bit extra.

So, just to summarize a bit...  Vintage is special because it's vintage.  Vintage figures made today are no longer vintage figures.  Vintage prices are where they are because they actually are special due to their age, and cutting into that with "new production" isn't right to the people who've worked since those toys were out.  It's also taking away from Hasbro's current line's resources, and it's asking modern prices for figures that essentially are inferior by today's standards.  Only their actual age/scarcity gives them the value that vintage collectors place on them.

So yeah, I'm definitely not in favor of a vintage reduxe...  I think if you want to get into loose vintage, save your money and buy a figure here and there.  You've got lots of time to do it as there's always loose vintage out there, and unless you're super anal on condition, figures can be had in abundance for great prices.  If you're really relaxed in your standards (which if you're ok with re-issues of vintage figures today, you must be), then you don't even mind reproduction weapons, capes, and such.  The accessories are half the cost of the figure overall, so you should be able to get 80% of them pretty darn cheap if you're accepting repro accessories with them.

Besides Blue Snaggletooth, double-telescoping, vinyl Jawa, and the POTF series, there really isn't a lot in vintage that costs an arm and a leg. 

But even then, the fun is tracking it down in a condition you enjoy, and picking it up for a price you think is fair.  I'm still "upgrading" figures in my loose set now and then, and tracking down one loose figure I don't have yet (Amanaman).  That is with 15 years of collecting under my belt (and taking a bit of a vintage sebatical to concentrate on modern).  By absolutely NO means though, do I want a reissued Amanaman figure in my collection.  I'll get him when I find one I like with an original weapon and coin, and I've got the scratch to plunk down on one little hunk 'o plastic.
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Re: Hasbro should re-release original vintage star wars figures
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2008, 08:43 AM »
Nowadays is very hard to acquire a real vintage SW figure from 3/4 inches,

Check Ebay - you can find lots of vintage figs for good prices, particularly if you need a bunch and buy them in a lot.   ;)

Not a fan of them releasing original vintage figs and I don't think they ever will. 
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Re: Hasbro should re-release original vintage star wars figures
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2008, 09:19 AM »
I donno... although I have a fill set of vintage, I wouldn't be too upset if we saw a re-release. At least there would be a new date stamp.
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Re: Hasbro should re-release original vintage star wars figures
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2008, 08:06 PM »
What I'd kill for is some NEW Vintage figures as an EE Exclusive or something.  Start with Tarkin, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Yavin Luke and a Sandtrooper, pack the VOTC style in a clamshell and charge 12-15 bucks for them.  These would be premium collector pieces with no expectations of mass amrket. They would be a huge seller.   The hardest part, would be to get the sculpt and paint to be as simple and graphic as they were in 1978!
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