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My wants
« on: December 14, 2002, 02:32 AM »
* means pending PLMk if you got any of these for sale thanks,Mike

POTF Cantina w/Sandtrooper
Sy Snootles and Jon Yowza Rebo 2 pack
Saga Accesory set Hoth      
EP 1 Oppie and Qui Gon        *
Ep 1  Eoppie and Qui Gon
Han w/Taun Taun
Millenium Figs
POTF2 Action Figure Case
IG-88 2 pack
Obi wan epic force
Solo epic force
Chewy Epic Force
POTF Vaders Lightsaber
POTF Luke's Lightsaber
POTF Y-wing
POTF Falcon
SOTE Outrider

Star Cases(need badly)
Figure Stands
Most modern 12in

Carded vintage figs
Vintage 12in Obi wan
Vintage 12in Solo
Vintage 12in Leia
Vintage 12in Luke
Vintage 12in Ig-88

Vintage 12in weapons Fetts gun ,stoormtrooper gun,jawa strap, and boxes for all 12in figs

Land of the Jawas Backdrop
Dagobah R2 adapter
Taun taun reins
Vintage Rebel transport gun    *
Vintage cantina door
B wing canopy      

All empty vintage boxes
Maintienece energizer  *
Vintage Dewback
Vintage X-Wing
Vintage battle damaged tie fighter
Vintage DV tie fighter
Vintage death star
Vintage cantina advenure set
Vintage taun taun open belly
Vintage rebel command center
Vintage cloud city playset
Vintage skiff
Vintage a-wing
Vintage jabbas dungen
Radar laser Cannon   *
Vintage tie Interceptor
Vintage Shuttle              *
Vintage ewok Glider
Vintage ewok Catapult   *
Vintage lightsabers
Blue snag
Luke stormtrooper
Amanaman       *
Yak Face
Imperial gunner
Solo Carbonite
A-wing pilot *

OK here is a FULL list of MOC figs i need
          -EP 1-
Amadella Battle
Battle droid   Dirty
Maul (Holo)
Qui Gon (Holo)

Freeze frames:

At-St driver
Gammorean Guard
Ree yees
Tie Pilot

Eu figs:


OC cards:

Death star gunner
Tuskin raider

GC needed:

Gammorean guard  
Nien numb      *

Red battle droid,Yoda reissue  

Star Tours 4 thru 9
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