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Not a Lot at Target?

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Jesse James:
I was scanning through Target's system tonight and besides Legacy figures, Clone Wars figures, and Falcons...  I didn't find a lot.

No Evolutions sets, I didn't find any Clone Wars $20 vehicles, and I didn't find any AT-TE's...

This is a little disconcerting to me, as I've had a $60-ish giftcard and $10 off $100 coupon waiting around for the toy release day at Target, so this is frustrating if Target isn't going to have much of what I planned on buying.  ::)

Anyone else who peruse the Target computers noticed this trend with their stores?  I've not heard many people finding a lot at Target, mostly WM.  I've not heard any of the above being found at Target at all though.

My Targets are resetting and the reset has space for all those things. One would hope they get the product in. Who knows what'll happen in the next week?

Jesse, the Target by Century III mall doesn't have much space either. Barely more than what they had before. They've just moved it closer to the main aisle. But other than that, it looks like Targets in our general area are not going to be overflowing with product.

Just as well for me. I'm spending at least $500 at TRU with a contingency for $350 more, either there or spread out amongst them, WM and Target.

Jesse, this is specifically for you, if you plan on buying a lot of stuff anyway, why not get gift cards at Giant eagle for TRU? You'll save 10 cents of PER GALLON of gas for every $50 spent there. This goes towards gift cards as well. As an example, I bought $500 in gift cards so that's a $1 per gallon savings for me. (Though I actually bought these at the Altoona Giant Eagle and they were having a 20 cents off promotion-so I got $2 off per gallon).

My other $350 in cash will be ready to be spent at TRU if I find that much stuff. If so, my fiancee will drive to the Giant Eagle up the hill and buy more gift cards with that money to save more on gas.

So far we're up to $2.34 per gallon off.

It's one way to make your money work for you. Just a thought.

Jesse, I actually found the opposite, for the exception of the Falcon they had room for everything. I picked up:

AT_TE (Box is not as big as I thought it was going to be)
V-Torrent Starfighter
Homing Spider Droid
The Fett Evo correction
Ten Numb Evo set x2
Animated Clone Trooper 1st Day issue
Saga2 Death Star Gunner in a very crusty package for $3.32! - The Best part of the trip!
$235.13 Total

I would not worry about Target's section at all.

None of the Targets in my area have anything in stock yet according to their system. NO legeacy, no clone wars, no Fox...Nothing


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