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How to tell the difference between a vintage and repro. weapon

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aka DaBigKahuna:
Anyone know or have any tips?


Well theres a few of ways to tell. One would be to drop the weapon on a hard surface. The sound will be different. A repro will kinda make a ping sound where a real one would make a thump sound. The other way to to try & bend them. If they are stiff then it maybe a repro. If it bends then that is good. Also there is a glossy shine to the repro weapons as apossed to the dull coat of the vintage.

There maybe other ways to tell. Anyone else have thoughts on telling them apart?

Hung Solow:
I use the "ping' and "bend" tests.  The "ping" test works good on the guns, but I'm not sure about sabers, bows, spears, etc.  Alot of repro weapons tend to be made out of the same type plastic as model kits.  Originals aren't like this.  There's another thread about it here, and a few on the OTHER site.   ;)

I too recommend the drop and sound tests, once you hear the difference it is very easy to tell :-*

auction clicky

Can you tell if these are real or not just by looking?  There is another auction currently on for repro weapons, but it is openly admitted.  I am curious about this one.


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