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How to tell the difference between a vintage and repro. weapon

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They do seem to look OK. Won't be able to tell till there actually in hand. Though I have no idea what the heck that big gun on top & the 2 bottom right hand guns are. They maybe from GI Joe?
What gets me is there is around 22 hrs left in the auction & around 124 hits on his view counter & no bids. With 51 vintage weapons I found on eBay, I find that strange.

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I dunno why, maybe 9 SW weapons for $10.00 is too much?  Maybe that first one ticks off everybody else.  

Look at the bottom two guns (scout trooper?) see the glare off the one on the right?  Might be the lighting but it looks different from its sibling to the left of it. ???

aka DaBigKahuna:
Go with your gut, see my post on help from today.  

It could be reflection from the light. There is the odd one that has a spot of a shine to them.
Nope, those 2 guns are not SW.

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Figures weapons clicky guide is most helpful, gracias.  

So three of 10 then not SW, maybe that's why no bids.  I was just curious really.  Still trying to just buy complete stuff.  Really only accomplishing making sellers happy and other bidders pay more though.  Latest miss was on 5 Yodas last night.  No, I don't know what I would do with 5 Yodas, but hey, the price was in my ballpark, so what the heck.   ;D


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