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How to tell the difference between a vintage and repro. weapon

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Ok, I read through this entire thread last night and could not find the help I needed.

I recently purchased a vintage blue Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber off eBay since the tip had broken off my original one. Seller had all positive feedback and clearly stated it was from the original 70's figure.

I got it yesterday and it just doesn't look quite right to me. The color seems a little too crisp for one thing. My original is a lot more faded. The new one also does not have any letters on the hilt either, which bothers me more I think. (My original has an "I" on the hilt)

I have tried the water test and it floats, but apparently so does the revalve-it stuff, so that didn't help much. I also tried bending it and it seems flexible enough. I don't want to mar the piece up, so I am reluctant to scratch it to see if any paint comes off.

Are there any other tests I can try to assess legitimacy?

Does the lack of any lettering on the hilt necessarily mean it is a repro?

Are there any good resources online to help me compare? (I tried imperial gunnery and that jawa site from ealier in this thread, and the RS photo archives, but I can't find any details about hilt letters)

I will try to post a picture if I am able later...thanks in advance!

I haven't had to do this for a while but I used a simple sound test for a lot of weapons.  Drop a known original and the supposed repro on a hard surface (like a table or countertop)

The sound the two make were usually completely different since they were typically different plastics.

Star Wars - How to spot a repro weapon

Imperial Gunnery Identification Guide


--- Quote from: DSJ™ on January  3, 2014, 11:54 AM ---Imperial Gunnery Identification Guide

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I always use IG.  If you can't tell from this whether it is authentic or repro, then you have to ask yourself if it really matters.   ;)


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