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you can do anything you want I believe in that area.  Basically, from what I understand you can level all the way up to 50.  Free to Play, from what I understand just slows a lot of things down (leveling takes longer, etc).  There might also be a Flash Point limit - and I bring that up because the Revan story line stuff does take you in to some flash points end game.

I don't think you will be able to do the end game HK companion quest without plunking down money.

Thanks for the info.  I've always been curious about the game since I liked KOTOR and KOTOR II so much, but I don't like to play MMORPGs partly for the monthly fee after I purchase a game at full price, partly because I prefer more FPS type multiplayer....and probably if I started playing I'd end up getting divorced and having to find a new place to live!   ;D 

Jesse James:
I think the questing and stuff is fun, but I think the price is a bit high on them per month...  I like the idea of the ever-growing game and all, but for me I don't get giggles out of all the dueling other players and things.  For me it's all story and things, and so there's 50% of the game I enjoy with another 50% kind of just being ignored.  Makes that subscription even tougher to choke down.

There seems to be an expansion in the works for STAR WARS - THE OLD REPUBLIC.  It's called Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Check out THE CINEMATIC TRAILER, "SACRIFICE"


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