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annnndddddd.......    DING 50!

Now I have to try and figure out end game gearing and raiding...

Jesse James:
Congrats.  I really REALLY need to get off my ass and try getting back to my character.

I finished the HK-51 companion quest on Monday and purchased him to use as a Legacy unlock for my lvl 15 Vanguard Trooper.  Supposedly HK-51 makes leveling easy-peasy.

I logged in briefly yesterday to buy HK gear from the trade network (he comes equipped with lvl 50 gear, but unfortunately he cannot use it until he hits lvl 50!   :(.  Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I will be able to give him a trial run.

and I think I am done with this game.  Just too much of the same thing over and over again.  I think what really put the nail in the coffin for me was end game gearing though.  It is way too difficult and confusing and is far too much of a grind.

I enjoyed end game gearing when it was like it was back when I played WoW - run this dungeon raid, kill this boss, pray something you wanted dropped, and cross your fingers that you would win the roll if someone else wanted it.

In SWTOR you have to raid dungeon after dungeon after dungeon, earn tokens for said item, save up tokens to buy the item, buy the item, strip the item of all of its mods, and then use the mods to put in a different set of armor.   I guess that is good for people that want insane amounts of customization for their character.  In the words of Sweet Brown "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That"...  or at least I don't. 

To some people that might be ok, maybe at the end of the day and considering a spell of bad luck, maybe it takes equally long gearing yourself under both models.  But using WoW as an example, I think it is far more exciting obtaining gear that way rather grind grind grind.............

I dont think I will be back for the expansion either - I dont see why it wont be more of the same.

I'm kind of curious to play the free version but I have a question.  Can I finish the Revan storyline if I play the free version or would I have to purchase the game and a subscription?


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