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I ended up dropping my subscription a few weeks ago. Hadn't played since the beginning of the summer and news about everything going free was basically my excuse to stop paying. The game (and MMORPGs in general) just wasn't for me anyway.

Razer has a Star Wars: The Old Republic skinned notebook.

anyone currently playing this?  I have been on and off for just about a month now.  When I started I was surprised to find one of my characters I made during BETA staying alive and well on my account - it was a rebel smuggler.  Anyway, something just wasnt fun about playing him so I made one of each of the other characters.

I have been playing an Assaj Ventress look alike sith witch type player and I love playing as this type of character.  I am spec'd for max dmg but often play the role of the healer for grouping.  I am currently lvl 31 I believe and I should be leaving Tatooine for Alderaan pretty soon.

Anyway, I am having fun with it for the time being.  I don't know how long term I will be a subscriber - probably until I ding 50 at least I am thinking.

oh and PS - Bioware announced a new, pay for expansion coming "Spring 2013":

preorder available now  ;)

Jesse James:
I have a character, but haven't been in since my cat passed away.  Just didn't have the energy to devote to it since then for some reason.

I am now 42 and chillin on Hoth  ;D

Actually I think I am done on Hoth now and about to jump to light-speed to my next planet.

Still not in a guild, and I still haven't ran ANY flashpoints!  I regret the no Flashpoints part, but it is kinda easy to do since there are SOOOOOO many quests to keep you moving from planet to planet with no pointless grinding in between.  Plus I have been in a few groups with terrible players, thus discouraging me to actively look even more. 


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