Author Topic: L/M/C ROTS-TAC Figures for Sale  (Read 934 times)

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L/M/C ROTS-TAC Figures for Sale
« on: November 15, 2008, 08:31 PM »
Alright, like just about everyone else I need some additional space and money, so some things have to go. I take Money Orders (Postal preffered, but Western Union is fine) and Personal Checks as payment. Figures are $4.50 each, unless noted. Everything else has a price next to it. If you want it all, $650 delivered in the US is what I'm looking for. US buyers only please, and thanks for looking. PM me for questions, feedback, or a wants list.

Revenge of the Sith
ROTS Padme
ROTS Mon Mothma
ROTS Mustafar Sentry x3
ROTS Utapau Warrior x2
ROTS Kit Fisto
ROTS Plo Koon
ROTS Shaak Ti
ROTS Agen Kolar
ROTS Saesee Tiin
ROTS Aayla Secura
ROTS Luminara Unduli
ROTS Ki-Adi Mundi
ROTS Senate Guard (Blue) x4
ROTS Senate Guard (Red) x2
ROTS Mas Ammeda
ROTS Captain Antilles
ROTS Battle Droid x11 $7.00 each
ROTS Wookiee Heavy Gunner x3
ROTS Tarfull
ROTS Tion Medon
ROTS Chopper Droid
ROTS Cat Miin
ROTS Passel Argente
ROTS Grevous’ Bodyguard (Blue) x2
ROTS Grievous’ Bodyguard (White) x2
ROTS Ask Aak
ROTS Meena Tills
ROTS Palpatine (Blue Saber)
ROTS Sneak Preview Wookiee Warrior x7
ROTS Sneak Preview General Greivous

TSC Bib Fortuna
TSC Barada
TSC General Veers
TSC R2-D2 (Hoth)
TSC Power Droid and Treadwell Droid
TSC Sora Bulq
TSC Poggle the Lesser
TSC Firespeeder Pilot x2
TSC Lushros Dofine
TSC Momaw Nadon
TSC Hem Dazon
TSC Garindan
TSC Rebel Troopers (One of each)
TSC Chief Chirpa

TAC Super Battle Droid x10
TAC 7th Legion Trooper x 9
TAC Order 66 Obi Wan/ARC Captain x4 $9.50 each
TAC Order 66 Anakin/ARC Trooper x4  $9.50 each
TAC Battle Rancor x3 $32.00 each
TAC AT-AP x2 $17.50 each
SL Maroon Battle Droids x2
SL Clone Commander x2