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« on: November 21, 2008, 11:30 AM »
I've never reviewed anything before but I thought this was so cool I'd try.

The Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter is an entirely new sculpt based on the vehicle used by Obi-Wan Kenobi (and for a moment Anakin Skywalker) in the Clone Wars movie. Visibly it differs little to the Episode II Jedi Starfighter, but this toy is an entirely different animal.

At first glance it appears that the only difference is the location of the astromech navigator, this is not true, for instead of a fixed offset "dome" the CW Starfighter has a full working droid socket, where you can place any astromech you wish (I believe we are close to 40 different R2s, R3s, R4s, R5s, and R7s).

I love this feature and wish they would apply this to all vehicles with astromechs. The X-wing, ARC 170, and Episode III Jedi Starfighter have applied droid sockets with mixed results, but here they got it perfect. The droid socket is actually an open cockpit with a hinged access panel. Snap open the panel, drop in your R2, swivel the dome a little (to avoid it's holoprojectors), and snap it shut. The droid fits in snugly and at just about the right height. I tried it with the R4-G9 and clear domed R-3 figures and they both look great.

But that's not all! The droid socket is also a full sized cockpit sculpted and detailed for a standard 3 3/4" action figure. Say you want to take Cody into battle, you can. Say after landing you want to take a short trip; ditch the droid, eject the front section, and you can. Lots of play possibilities.

That's right I forgot, the forward section is removable, creating 2 vehicles. The forward section with the droid cockpit slides out and 2 small wings spring out. It is armed with a retractable missile launcher underneath. The back section by itself resembles the Episode III Jedi Starfighter, even so far as having a (fake) forward viewport. The back section is armed with 2 missile launchers.

For added play value those guys at Hasbro designed this vehicle to fit nicely with the hyperspace ring, made available last year at Toys R Us. Simply remove the side mounted missles and it snaps in place. One interesting feature that I think adds play value is that the forward section fits in nicely ALONE. Those hyperspace rings always seemed so vulnerable, now your R2 can pilot it to a safe distance 'til the battle is over.

I think this a great toy with a lot of play value. If I had one as a kid I can imagine playing with it for hours.

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« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2008, 03:03 PM »
Great review Gamboa and you really hit all the details someone would want to know.  This does sound like a vastly superior JSF to, well, basically any of the previous JSF's we've gotten.  Either the sockets don't work right/well (LFL's design flaws, not Hasbro's), or the ship "pops apart" easily, or whatnot.  Really only the CW2D JSF for Anakin really was ever "perfect" for what it was.

Thanks and now I'm actually anticipating buying a JSF...  Something I've not done since the Vader one.
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