Author Topic: Matrix Reloaded - Morpheus  (Read 877 times)

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Matrix Reloaded - Morpheus
« on: July 1, 2003, 10:03 AM »
Hopefully folks won't mind me posting a non-Star Wars review here... I dunno where else I could put it really - since it's not technically a Movie Maniacs 6 line it don't belong in that thread... Oh well... I really couldn't help myself once I saw these two in my TRU... I just had to buy the damned things. Expensive, but, I'm addicted to toys.

Appearance -
Dead-on to the movie, there's something beautiful about Morpheus' face, even the dimples in the skin are captured here. The wardrobe is perfectly sculpted and these guys know where to put articulation and how to hide it... Amazing work, they put even the best Hasbro work to shame.

Articluation -
Advertised as Adult Collectibles, these pieces are designed for display - however articulation is still provided so that you can sort-of customize your scenes to your likings. Somewhere in the range of 7 points, I'd say. I'm a mean-bastard in this area for every figure I grade - but this is a display piece, see next area for the mean bastard.

Pose-ability -
I knew I could find something to complain about, haha! One, his neck is crafted so that he cannot look to his left side, that is, he cannot look back towards whatever twin is to be behind him. Two, umm, alright, so that's the only complaint I can think of right now. Points off simply because I promised the mean bastard.

Accessory -
Oh yea. Two pistols with extended clips, two HK's (not sure what they are), and a Katana with removable sheath. That ain't all, you also get the garage floor and a pillar... Hasbro sucks, hehe.

Overall -
I hate not being able to give bad reviews, specially when pose-ability is so low. Man, I'm getting soft at this. Anywho, this is the guy to pick up, even if you're like me and you thought Reloaded was pretty sorry.