Author Topic: Matrix Reloaded - Twin #1  (Read 707 times)

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Matrix Reloaded - Twin #1
« on: July 1, 2003, 10:11 AM »
As mentioned in the Morpheus review, my apoligies to anyone who doesn't like my non-SW review going here - I just had no idea where-else to put it, and believe me, I had to review these guys.

Appearance -
Dead-on to the movies. The first flaw that comes to mind is the line in his dreads where they were glued on. I don't like that. Besides that, everything looks like it should. I'll also give points off for semi-decent paint-job on his rings. For $10 a peice I should get flawless stuff.


Articluation -
These are display peices. 7-ish points to add a little customizing ability to the scenes, which is all you really need. Decent enough for me.

Pose-ability -
One, a second left hand is not offered... You get the one you got, which isn't able to hold a pistol... God forbid I want him holding a pistol. Two, his right hand is sculpted to hold the razor, nothing more, god forbid I want him holding a pistol there, too.

Accessory -
A razor... The garage base and a pillar. First off, this is Matrix, damnit, I want lots of guns, why can't I get lots of guns? Morpheus got alot of guns - why can't Twin #1? Not happy... Not happy.

Overall -
Probably not as good as Twin #2, which is short packed, as fate would have it. He's not given much to do but stand there and threaten you with his razor... I like swapping stuff up and having him holding a pistol or something - but it just aint possible. Still a nice display peice.