Author Topic: FS: Saga Blue, ROTS, Galactic Heroes MOC or Loose  (Read 485 times)

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FS: Saga Blue, ROTS, Galactic Heroes MOC or Loose
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:10 AM »
I'm in the process of getting rid of extras that I have and just doing some spring cleaning at the same time.
I was going to use all this stuff for customizing fodder, but I could use the cash & space instead of the figures right now.

All figures are MOC/MIB unless otherwise noted.
Some may have minor wear, all were bought in stores.
If you need any pics or specific info on card or bubble condition, please feel free to ask.
If you want the figure loose, please just ask & I will remove it & ship it to you that way.

Here is the complete list of what I have available for sale:

-- POTF2 & Episode I 1995-1999
4-LOM Holo Sticker $2
Episode I Commtech Padme Amidala Naboo (1st version) $2
Princess Leia Endor Gear w/Millenium Coin $3
Luke Endor Gear Speeder Bike (no glove pic on box) box slightly sun faded $6

-- AOTC Saga Blue 2002-03
#3 Obi-Wan Kenobi Coruscant Chase w/background $4
#6 Tusken Raider Tatooine Camp Ambush $4
#10 Shaak Ti Jedi Master $4
#26 Luminara Unduli Jedi Master $4
#29 Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel (no bloody stump) $4
#32 Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master $4
#33 Endor Rebel Soldier (no beard) $4
#33 Endor Rebel Soldier (beard aka Rykrof Enloe) $4

-- Saga Gold 2004
#8 Rappertunie Jabba's Palace $4
#17 Luke Skywalker Throne Room Duel $4
#18 Bossk Executor Meeting $4
#25 Han Solo Flight to Alderaan $4

-- Black TSC Saga Collection 2006
#6 Boba Fett ROTJ (flames in front) $4
#10 R2-D2 ESB $4
#11 Snowtrooper ESB $4
#22 Firespeeder Pilot ROTS $4
#65 Elite Corps Clone Trooper ROTS $4

-- ROTS 2005
#30 Saesee Tinn Jedi Master $4
#34 Clone Pilot (white version) $4
Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack $12

--Large Unleashed
Jango & young Boba Fett 2002 $10
Aurra Sing $10
Loose Luke Skywalker X-Wing Outfit on Hoth complete $6

--Galactic Heroes
Chewbacca & C-3P0 (1st packaging) $6
Yoda & AOTC Plain Clone (1st packaging) $6
Red Battle Droid & AOTC Green Clone Sargeant (1st packaging) $6
Chewbacca & Blue Elite Clone (ROTS) $6
Obi-wan & Orange Utapau Clone (ROTS) $6

I can ship either loose or carded, if you want them loose please let me know, shipping will be a lot cheaper for loose figures.
If anyone wants to meet locally in the DFW area I can also do that on weekends.
The only thing i'm looking to trade for right now is for a MOC Saga Ayy Vida to fill a hole in my collection.

I can take Paypal or money orders for payment. I have over 700+ positive feedbacks on ebay & have traded with other members here locally in DFW & on other forums.

Please post here or PM me with any questions. Thanks!