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So, with all the sequel deluxeness, where is the original original?

my first guesses/wants

Ceremonial Han
Ceremonial Leia
Ceremonial Chewie
Hood up Obi Wan

Or would they delve in to the early bird kit and do some re-releases of Chewie, Leia, etc?

I think a landspeeder would be a cool build-a-kuby-

What do you think?

The landspeeder as the vehicle.

Maybe another Sandtrooper - with a re-release of the black pauldron?

Hammerhead is the one I'd really want.

I'm not sure how I feel about them redoing the figures in the early-bird set, since I paid a fair amount to get those. But I'll also have to admit that they don't really fit in that well with the rest of the range in terms of their style and quality.

I'm sure it's unlikely, but I'd like to see Deluxe Series 3 like this:

Hem Dazon
Lak Sivrak
Feltipern Trevagg
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)

And the BAF could be the bar!

How about:

-Owen Lars
-Beru Lars
-Gonk Droid
-CZ-3 build a dewback. Are they doing chase figures in the deluxe series? If so, here are some ideas:

-Biggs Darklighter - Tosche Station (in Owen Lars box)
-Camie (in Beru Lars box)
-Power Droid - vintage deco (in Gonk Droid box)


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