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--- Quote from: David on June 22, 2009, 01:33 AM ---How about:

-Owen Lars
-Beru Lars
-Gonk Droid
-CZ-3 build a dewback. Are they doing chase figures in the deluxe series? If so, here are some ideas:

-Biggs Darklighter - Tosche Station (in Owen Lars box)
-Camie (in Beru Lars box)
-Power Droid - vintage deco (in Gonk Droid box)

--- End quote ---

I thought about some of these, but hope they stay away from remaking previously done figures like Jawa and Sandy.  If they're going to remake figs, then I hope they just go with ANH Luke, Leia, Chewie, R2, etc. for the masses.

I think this set is a bit tougher than the others, because there weren't that many main characters or drastically different outfits/incarnations of characters from ANH that we didn't already get.  The ceremonial garb is one possibility, but they only appeared for about a minute, and those aren't particularly interesting or different, IMO.

I say one or two more "bar" aliens/monsters, possibly another new empire goon, maybe an update of "classic" Leia and Luke, though I would hope that they would have enough to set them apart from their "Early Bird" releases.  "Old Ben" with hood up could be a nice variant to own, though kind of dull.

Sir Real:
I'd be all for a reissues of the figures that originally came with paper costumes: orignal Leia in white dress, and those ROTJ figures (not part of ANH, I know), of Luke and Leia on the speederbikes, replacing the paper with plastic costume parts.

As long as we eventually get a Hammerhead and Gonk Droid, the rest is gravy :)

I wouldn't be surprised to see a landspeeder but i would much prefer a dewback. I wish we were getting a Wampa and Taun Taun instead of the at-st


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