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Brian's Marvel/DC and Misc. For Sale List
« on: August 26, 2009, 10:42 AM »
Just thought I'd separate these out from the SW stuff, to make things a little bit easier to read.  All non-exclusive Legends or DCUC figure are $5:

Marvel and DC
Marvel Legends Face-Off Green Mandarin (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends 1st App. Hulk (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (Loose - Toy Biz version) - $5
Marvel Legends Leader (From 2 Pack, Long Head) - $5
Marvel Legends Target Exclusive (Movie) Hulk - $5
Marvel Legends Sentry (Short Hair) - $5
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - $5
Marvel Legends Wonder Man - $5
Marvel Legends Beast (Movie Version) - $5
Spider-Man Classics Carnage - $5
Iron Man Movie Line Iron Monger - $5
Iron Man Movie Line "Captain America" Iron Man - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Thing - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Mr. Fantastic - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Dr. Doom - $5
DCUC SDCC Exclusive Wonder Twins Pack (MIB) - $40
DCUC Superman Blue - $5
DCUC Superman Red - $5
DCUC Red Tornado - $5
DCUC Mr. Miracle - $5
Superman Returns 13" "Hyperarticulated" Superman - $5
DC Direct 1st Appearance Superman (Loose) - $5
DC Direct Superman/Batman Public Enemies Superman (Loose) - $5

Marvel/DC Build-A-Figure Parts - $2 each
ML Brood Series Parts (From 1st Appearance Captain America Figure)
ML Brood Series Parts (From Astonishing X-Men Cyclops Figure)
ML Brood Series Parts (From Hydra Soldier)
ML Apocalypse Series Part (Right Leg - from Iron Fist figure)
ML Apocalypse Series Part (Left Leg - from Astonishing Wolverine figure)
ML Annihilus Series Part (Wing - from Hercules figure)
ML Blob Series Part (Upper Torso)
ML Blob Series Part (Left Arm)
ML Blob Series Part (Right Leg)
ML Mojo Series Part (Lower Torso/Stomach - from Falcon figure)
ML Mojo Series Part (Left Side Mechanical Legs - from Luke Cage figure)
ML Legendary Riders Series (Wonder Man's Bike)
ML Nemesis Series Part (Leg from Black Bolt figure)
DCUC Gorilla Grodd (Left Arm)
DCUC Solomon Grundy (Left Leg)
DCUC Despero (Left Arm - from Batman Beyond figure)
DCUC Despero (Right Leg - from Wonder Woman figure)
DCUC Atom Smasher (Head and Lower Torso - from Captain Cold figure)

25th Ann. G.I. Joes
Major Bludd (from Pyramid of Darkness DVD Pack) - $4
Roadblock (from Revenge of Cobra DVD Pack) - $4
B.A.T. (Red Faceplate, from Arise Serpentor Arise DVD Pack) - $4
Cobra Paratrooper - $4
Cobra Viper - $4
Skeleton (from Arise Serpentor Arise DVD Pack) - $4
Hall of Heroes Storm Shadow (MOC) - $8
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