Author Topic: Shouldn't Have Celeste Morne (KOTOR) Died in the Rebellion Series?  (Read 1150 times)

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Ya know Celeste Morne - the one in KOTOR comics alongside Zayne Carrick who gets controlled by the Muur Talisman in Vector, the female Jedi with the long shiny black ponytail, pale skin, and yellow lightsaber - right (anyone out there)? Shouldn't she have died in Rebellion, on that moon where she confronts Luke Skywalker and Leia? OKay, here's where you need to keep up.......

So in KOTOR, she is possessed by that Muur Talisman amulet, and is placed in a status casket. Fast-forward four centuries later, when's she found by Vader, ALIVE (why the h*ll is she still alive, anyway?). She duels him, defeats him, and remains stranded on said moon. Fast-forward another 20 years, when she eventually meets Luke. During this duel, the amulet springs off her neck - PAUSE! - how come she doesn't die here? She's been sustained for nearly 4,000 years, give or take a few more. At this point, shouldn't she have died, since all that power/magic that the Talisman provided her left her? She's eventually killed by Cade Skwalker in Legacy, and she turns to dust, since she's been alive so many years. It's confusing, but shouldn't she have died instantly as soon as the Talisman sprang off her neck?

This question is mostly for those who kept up with the Vector comic arc, since they will know what I'm talking about. Anyone that can challenge my ideas regarding this Jedi Knight?
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