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DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« on: October 9, 2009, 03:08 PM »
Hey everybody. Just found out about this site. I'm just gonna copy and paste my Yakface posts into this topic. I had to post them in segments in order for them to show up. Hope you enjoy.

Darth Nemo Dak

In Legacy #27, the spine of one of the giant leather-bound books Wyyrlok is looking through says in Aurebesh "Darth Nemo Dak". That's all the canonical information about him. I decided to make a Darth Nemo Dak, but I didn't want him to look like just another black-cloaked or black-armored Darth Whoever. Also, I feel like a lot of sith would be right at home in any Dungeons-and-Dragons Fantasy setting as long as they had a sword or battle axe or something. I didn't want that for this guy. Anyway, here he is. I would imagine he talks like Dr. Strangelove.

He's made from the new Trinto Duaba, which I think is appropriate. Duaba species was "Stennes Shifter", which I think makes for a good sith because they sort of hide in the force. Also, the Stennes sector was prominent in the old TOTJ comics, and I wanted this guy to be from a few thousand years back. His coat is from Cade, and his hat is from the new Ki-adi. The goggles are from TLC Luke, the big metal cowl is from that concept rebel trooper, and the backpack/tube thing is from the concept starkiller hero. Fun custom to make.


The Sith Order


The left picture is how Ajunta Pall's spirit appears in Kotor, the right picture depicts Pall upon arrival on Korriban, before he was the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Rahm Kota head w/ sculpy mask, Darth Maul hood, McObiWan Torso, Darth Bane upper sleeves, Palpatine lower sleeves, McObiWan belt, Maleval legs. Carnor Jax weapon w/ one of the blades reversed.
Because Ajunta Pall just uses the generic Dark Jedi skin in KOTOR, I decided to stick with that basic idea but make him more of an individual. I didn't like my first Ajunta Pall that much, either. This one also has his ancient lightsaber with a power cable. The Cable is a thin piece of wire.

Darth Andeddu

Rebel commando luke with DE luke thighs, rahm kota shoulders, Maleval waist-dealie, AoD Deadite head with custom hat. I’ll switch his hands out for Palpatine’s when I get a pair. MAGNIFICENT, ISN'T IT? Heh.

Now, what I think would be utterly badass would be to keep Andeddu's Undead-Mummy-Egyptian-Pharaoh theme going by giving him the scepter he wields against Darth Wyyrlok as well as his lightsaber. If I can figure out how to position his arms right, I'm dying to have him holding the scepter and saber just like the old Egyptian Pharaohs were depicted holding the crook and flail.

Naga Sadow

Hat: Baron Pampanoida (spelling?)
Head: Some Chinese-looking Pirates of the Caribbean figure
Torso: Darth Maleval, who begs to be made into Naga sadow cuzza the "eye" on the breastplate.
Arms: Some GI Joe
Armor Skirt Thing: Female black-and-gold Pirates figure
Legs: Ugha Warrior and Shadow Guard w/ cairo thug sandals
Cape:Infinities Vader cape dyed red.
Sword: Geonosian Wing

Freedon Nadd:

Mostly Imperial Knight, greaves from concept Vader and head from concept Obi-Wain. Helmet is from Utapau Security. I made his orange lightsaber and shoto (a la KOTOR II) by using orange sharpie on the imperial knight blades.

Exar Kun:

Mostly Skorr and Mandalore, with the ball-pivot legs from obi-Wan in clone armor.

Ulic Qel-Droma

Evolutions Secret Apprentice with Antares Draco


"Darth Hayze" (Maybe not a DLOTS, but still had to be done. My girlfriend likes him too.)

He was pretty difficult. I'll start from the top down. His helmet is Durge's helmet from the comic pack with the faceplate removed, with Darth Talon's lekku for horns. I cut off EVO Qui-gonn's face and glued on Moff Tarkin's to make the head. His body is EVO Darth Maul, with some minor alterations and elastic bands added. His belt is Mandalore's shoulder pad and Darth Vaders codpiece, and his tattered cloak is from the Jabiim Anakin comic pack. His arm is a cross between the Jabiim droid's arm and Carnor Jax's, with an EVO Anakin hand. His legs are the ball-hinged legs of the VOTC-style Luke, with the Jabiim droid donating everything below the knee.
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #1 on: October 9, 2009, 03:10 PM »
Darth Malak

I gave hima  pair of boots from a TLC Obi-Wan, which made him considerably taller. I also gave him a Darth Bane head, which allows for more articulation and gives him a much more evil look, as opposed to the dazed and confused Hasbro head that looked 30 years too old.

Darth Sion

Darth Maul and Nelvaan Anakin

Darth Traya

Any female body will do, but I used the torso and head of the Jedi vs. Sith Asajj Ventress, the cloak of Palpatine, and the comic pack Bultar. Note removable hand.

Sith Triumvirate

Darth Phobos

Darth Talon, Rystall, and Maris Brood

Darth Desolous

Tion Medon and Utapau Security


Darth Ruin-NEW

Old version:

Utapau Security, Darth Nihilus, robe.

Belia Darzu

Mostly Mara Jade with a concept Starkiller hero head. I thought having her shapeshifting her hand would be cool, so I used comic pack Durge's. I think it looks cool, even if its a tad big. Her swords on her back are from some GI Joe ninja. I tried to get her stupid hat right, but decided to go by her description in Darth Bane: Rule of Two and give her just "short brown hair". Her jumpsuit dosent look as dark in person.


Quinlan Vos, Mandalor, Talon Karrde, Vilmarh Grarkh, and Imperial Knight.

Darth Bane

Basically a repaint.

Darth Zannah

Her hair is from some GI Joe lady, but it is now atop a Mandalorian female's face. Her body is Bultar Swan's.

Rule of Two!


Her hair is from some GI Joe lady, but it is now atop a Mandalorian female's face. Her body is Bultar Swan's.

Darth Cognus

Zannah's Iktotchi apprentice. Made from Barriss Offee, GI Joe Movie Baroness, Mariss Brood, and Saesee Tiin.
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #2 on: October 9, 2009, 03:11 PM »
Darth Plagueis the Wise

San Hill with EVO Luke arms and Ultimate Good Secret Apprentice hood. He's a little dusty in this picture though.

Darth Sidious

Darth Maul

Sith Evolutions Maul with Legacy of the Sith Evolutions Maul head. Given a black paint job instead of the grey he comes in.

Darth Tyranus

Evolutions Dooku with some other Dooku cape from somewhere

Darth Vader


Rebel head and skin repaint. The green thing in the lower right of the last picture is just the tip of somebody else's lightsaber.

Sidious and his Students

Palpatine Clone

Gave him red hair. Also, I don't believe for a second this was really Sidious. Darth Vader killed him, or else the whole "Chosen one" prophecy was nonsense.

Dark Jedi Luke

Not a Sith, but I felt he belonged on this thread. Eyes painted yellow, and given a Darth Bane cape.


I used a lot of those little plastic cords that hold figures in place in the box, and often their weapons in their hands, for this one. You know, that elasticy stuff? Anyway, her head is wrapped in it, and Luminara's body is divided up into black and silver sections using that stuff too. Her boots are from a Shadow Guard, and her lightwhip is actually made up of those more heavy-duty plastic cords that you have to twist in order to get a figure out of the box. The ones with a thin wire inside. I used a red sharpie to get them the way they are, and I like the result.

Darth Caedus- NEW

Same as last time, but with the Lt. Sunber head from the new Walmart comic pack. It looks like Jacen in his mid 30's. Just gave him Sith eyes and stuff.


I hate working with putty, but I had to with Caedus.he's the only one I've succeeded at doing so with, and I tried my [censored] off. head is Luke, who has a surprisingly useful head. Rest is just black robes, with Bane and Maul contributing lots of useful stuff.

Tahiri Veila- Sith Apprentice

New Comic pack Deena and SOTE comic pack Leia

When I saw Habro's Darth Krayt, I was excited about it but nevertheless surprised at the extent to which they half-assed the figure. He's a little short, which sucks, and his armor is just flat silver (totally wrong) and his face was missing half the tattoos. All in all, a pretty good sculpt, and it just needed a little lovin'. I sculpted some more spikes onto his back and repainted him.



Darth Wyyrlok

Mas Amedda, Skorr, and Imperial Knight.
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #3 on: October 9, 2009, 03:12 PM »
Darth Maladi

Comic pack ventress, "leather" soft goods from Evolutions AOTC Anakin, and tail from Yoda's Kybuck.


LOTF Mandalorian- Goran Beviin

Boba's right-hand man from LOTF series. He's also the first openly homosexual character in Star Wars canon, which I think is pretty cool. I figure that everything that makes Star Wars more realistic is good- not everybody is heterosexual in the real world, so not everybody should be in Star Wars. He's also a cool character anyway.

I can't even remember this recipe. It's based off of the Fett Legacy Boba Fett, and I know the crushgaunts are protocol droid hands. A sword from somewhere, and some belt accessories from somewhere as well.


The Solo Kids

Jacen Solo

OTC Vintage-style Bespin Luke with Keyan Farlander head. Cut-down TAC Mace Windu boots to make him taller.

Jaina Solo

Evolutions female rebel pilot with Ravenwood head.

Anakin Solo

OTC Vintage-stlye Han body with cut-down arms from some Imperial, TAC Yavin ceremony Luke legs with cut-down belt and cut-down Skorr boots. Evolutions AOTC Anakin head.


A whole big barrel of Expanded Universe Customs

Mara Jade

Head is from some GI Joe comic pack, the rest is from the Heir to the Empire comic pack.


Peiced together from the TAC Lukes from Jabba's Palace and the Yavin medal ceremony. The head from the latter totally looks like it should be Ben.

LOTF Jaina (old version)

The head is from the Keira Knightly character from Pirates of the Caribbean, with a pony tail from some red-haired GI female. Body is Juno Eclipse, with a female Mandalorian's belt.

An Indy revamp of Jaina


Her head is from the bounty hunter disguise pack, and her body is from the vintage-style Leia from the Original Trilogy Collection.


This one is easy. Any Han legs will do, plus an Indiana Jones torso and head.

GAG trooper

I took so many photos of this guy, and these were actually the best. He's just too dark for a good photo. you get the idea though. GI Joe crimson guard head, sculpted torso, Galactic marine upper arms, stormtrooper forearms, Entertainment Earth Mandalorian belt and thighs, and Kashyyk trooper calves and feet.


Zett Jukassa + Kabe

Jedi Dooku

TAC Obi-Wan and Evolutions Dooku

Jedi Dooku (old Version)

Obi Wan + Evolutions Dooku

Quinlan Vos

Not really a custom, I just made his tabbard shorter so he wouldn't be carrying a gun. It's the new comic pack Quinlan, by the way.

Quinlan Vos (old)

Quinlan + A'Sharad Hett


For the life of me, I can't remember who's head this is. The rest is all from that Luke and Deena pack.
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #4 on: October 9, 2009, 03:13 PM »
WOW!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #5 on: October 9, 2009, 03:14 PM »

Realistic Clone Wars Obi-wan

everyone's done one of these. Nothing original; just clone wars body, and realistic head and legs.

Joruus C'boath

The heads of Ki Adi and the Dark Woman, with Agen Kolar's robe.


Basically just Teemto.

Spirit Luke

Spirit Obi Wan + Holographic Luke

Nomi Sunrider

Mara + Dark Woman

Cay Qel-Droma

"Jedi Knight Army" Guy + Naboo soldier

Tott Doneeta

Bib Fortuna + Death Star Trooper + Evolutions Darth Maul

Ulic (Old version)

Evolutions Darth Maul + Tatooine Luke

Krath War Droid

Greivous + Force Unleashed Sith Lord


Rebel Honor guard's face, Rodian from "Jedi Knight Army", Revan's cloak

Jedi Exile

Adi Gallia + Agen Kolar's robe + female Mandalorian head


Comic pack Bultar Swan's body, Aayla's belt, some "leather" soft goods from the AOTC Anakin in the Anakin Evolutions pack, Juno's head. Yellow lightsabers are from finding those almost yellow-green one's Hasbro makes, like the one I gave Ulic, and hitting them up with a yellow sharpie.

Dark Quinlan Vos

Qunilan + Vader arms

Dark Empire Luke

Saga Jabba's Palace Luke (legs), Shadow Guard (everything else), Heir to the Empire comic pack Luke (head), old Clone Emperor (cowl)


Hasbro should have sold the Comic Pack Asajj with the skirt of the Jedi vs. Sith Asajj. What a world.

Sora Bulq


Coleman Trebor + J'Quille
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #6 on: October 9, 2009, 03:16 PM »
Ancient Jedi

Inspired by one of CHEWIE's customs. I used a thread as the cable from the power pack to the lightsaber.
This is the custom that inspired mine.


Yaddle body, Kybuck Yoda head and hands

Al-Qaeda member

Just made it with some spare parts lying around

Quick Thrawn alteration; just a pair of shoulder pads from a gi joe crimson guard

According to Star Wars canon, Shards were self-aware crystalline organisms that came from the planet Orax. Some Shards were Force-Sensitive and became Jedi, using droid bodies to move around and such. Here is a picture of one from the New Essential guide to droids:

Anyway, I made one from the Clone Wars IG-100 and IG-86 droids. In the middle of its torso is a cut-down lightsaber tip; the shard itself.

The odd-couple responsible for running the Empire immediately after the death of Emperor Palpatine. I'm not 100% happy with Pestage, so maybe more updates in the future.

Yuuzhan Vong. The flash makes his cut-off nose almost invisible, but in person it looks real good. Still got some painting touch-ups to do.
Your advice, criticism, and praise is very much appreciated.

Anakin Solo down for the count

Xizor head w/ pre-cyborg grievous ears; Secret Apprentice body and arms; a hell of a lot of force lightning and Geonosian spikes, infinities Vader legs (which make him really tall), a clone wars grievous mouthpiece for the amphistaff head (amphistaff is force lightning); aaaaaaaand... a couple of pins for the sticks in his head. Oh, yeah, and Dice Ibegon claws near the belt and shoulder for holding thud/razor bugs and villips and mike n' ikes and stuff.

Dueling Jeedai.

A quick tweak inspired by the art below. Gave him an ROTS dooku hand and the death star hologram from one of the sep council multipacks.

Just messing around with parts here. I imagine this guy could have been a Genghis Khan style warlord on whatever planet the Ongree are from, which would have been at a 13th-century level of technology when the ancient Sith Empire invaded. Strong in the force, they trained him as a Sith, and he goes on to be a warlord on a much larger scale.

Slapped these guys together real quick.

NJO Luke

jabiim Obi-wan with Evolutions Luke head and TLC Obi-Wan boots for short stature.


Comic pack wedge with Nrin Vakil body

ANH Luke

TAC Luke with Imperial Luke-Deena comic pack head. The head this body came with looked like he was wearing a mouthguard.

ANH Obi-Wan

TLC Obi-wan with Jabiim Obi-wan cloak. The jedi soft goods cloaks never hang right.

From Wookieepedia:

The Inquisitorius was a secret division of Imperial Intelligence consisting of dark side Force-sensitive agents known as Inquisitors.
Under the control of Darth Vader, these Inquisitors were considered the highest ranking of the Dark Side Adepts, outranking the Emperor's Hands, Prophets of the Dark Side, and lesser Dark Jedi. They reported directly to Emperor Palpatine.

The first Grand Inquisitor, Malorum:

Two generic Inquisitors. The second was just thrown together so I would have one more.

Head: Carnor Jax
Torso: Karnor Jax
Cloak: Agen Kolar
Arms: EVO trooper
Legs: Jedi Training Obi-wan with added Imperial buckle

Bald Inquisitor:
Head: bald fellow from Joker Squad pack.
Torso: Bail Organa
Arms: Bail organ w/ Death Star Trooper
Half-cape: Baron Papanoida
Bottom half of shirt: Baron Papanoida
Legs: Comic Pack Janek Sunber

Young Inquisitor-in-training
Head: Starkiller (looks nothing like him, so I feel fine using it for another character
Hands: Skorr
Everything else: Sith Training Darth Maul
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #7 on: October 9, 2009, 03:16 PM »
Here's my Soontir Fel. Pretty straightforward, he has a beard sculpted on, and his shoulder hinges have the red stripe painted on them. Also, I'm displaying him with his helmet off, so I stuck sowing needles in his Chest-tubes so that they would hang down vertically.

Oh, and I also made him look more like a pilot (I think) by adding leg webbing from some B-wing pilot and gave him new black gloves from the Luke-Deena comic pack because the left hand is perfect for holding a helmet.

Jedi Exile-NEW

Saga Luminara, Wioslea, female Mando, Bultar Swan, and Ultimate Good Secret Apprentice


Adi Gallia + Agen Kolar's robe + female Mandalorian head


EVO Luke with concept Obi-Wan pants (they fan out at the bottom, where her fins would be) and Ibtisam. I chose a boobless torso on purpose because it'll be a cold day in Hell before I'll be ok with obvious non-mammals possessing mammary glands.

Arkanian Sith Lord

Just did him out of boredom. Mostly that Dark Empire comic pack with Sgt. Harkas head. Also 4-fingered hands from Xizor.

Kyp Durron

Still not 100% happy with him.

I did a new Revan- I wanted him to look like a Jedi but still appear kinda menacing and ominous.

Head- Rebel Honor Guard
Torso- Darth Nihilus
Arms- Sharad Hett
Hands- Darth Nihilus
Belt- Concept Obi-Wan
Legs- Borsk Feylya

Old Revan

Mandlore the Ultimate was the big cheese during the Mandalorian wars, which come right before the KOTOR video game and are concurrent with the KOTOR comics. I've been meaning make this bitch for a while; just needed red fabric.

Him and Revan

Minor changes- gave AOTC Anakin a plastic loincloth and painted the appropriate pieces of his attire a leather color. The battle damaged Vader has the TAC Vader head, which required a new peg be mounted on the Battle Damaged shoulders. I did so at a slight angle to make him look more battered. Also, the hole in his torso was filled with a peg from somewhere and painted to look like a piece of metal or something.

My ROTS Anakin had his torso split and an AOTC Anakin left arm put it, because the sleeve hung funny in the two-handed pose I had him in. The concept Anakin was simply given yellow irises, bags under his eyes, and the scar. HK-50 from KOTOR II is just a repainted HK-47.

My entry for the current Yakfinities- The Old Republic.

No-paint kitbash TOR Sith Lord. Used GI Joe "ripcord" and "doctor".

I decided to give this guy a new coat of paint cuz he had that GI Joe logo on his chestplate, and so I could add some blinking lights like that guy from the trailer.

I wound up liking this guy a lot more than I expected to. I think I might even start calling him "Darth Virunga".

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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #8 on: October 9, 2009, 03:18 PM »
Some Coruscant Assassin/Bounty Hunter (is there even a difference in Star Wars?) and a Grievous Repaint

've been busy, but finally got around to finishing my Cad Bane. I may have a "new hat" update some time in the future, but he's more or less done.

Head: Mouse
Hat: TCW Cad Bane
Torso: Concept Darkside Anakin
Coat: Cade
Upper arms: Jabiim Anakin
Lower arms: Blue-grey Boba Fett (elbows are from some skinner figure but I forget which)
Hands: Mouse
Belt: Concept dark Anakin
Shirt-buckles: Concept Skywalker
Holsters: Fenn Shysa
Legs: Concept dark anakin
Boot Jets: General Grievous blasters
Shoes: Cade

Here he is next to my Darth Nemo Dak, who everyone said he looks like:

Well, this is my YAKFINITIES Ladies entry. I was gonna do Alema Keto so I could get the FFURG challenge done too, but I've been swamped and I really don't have the time. She's assembled though, so maybe in the next couple of months. Anway, this is that stormtrooper lady at the end of the Fan Film "Makazie One." Honestly, I didn't care for the film, other than the part about a stormtrooper with a lightsaber. So behold my entry: A stormtrooper with some paint on it and a lightsaber.

Ladytrooper from the Maleval pack, black skirt from somewhere, jetpack from spacetrooper.

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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2009, 10:47 AM »
Yep, that's pic heavy.

insanely great stuff though. High quality all the way. Awesome job.
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Re: DarthVirunga's Customs (INSANELY pic heavy)
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2009, 12:23 AM »
The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.