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Ok Joes.....

The new format for QnA's is out and if you have seen other sites, they may mentioned it, but for the casual Joe fans here at, here is the rundown...

Every site still gets to ASK 3 questions.  However, they will only answer 1 question per site.  The rest of the questions will be put through the "filter" and only a handful of others will be answered.   They will send the answers back to all sites at the same time in a list format.

Just recently they have also added a few "hints" as to how to ask questions.  There has been rumbling about these, but I for one am thrilled to see them.  They want questions about product and plans, not production numbers and profit margins.  They want questions about the line, not questions that are veiled slaps about how Fans could run their company better than they do.

So I propose a "Challenge" here for us at we are going to ask our questions.  I am going to ask one (because what is the point of owning a website if you don't get to do fun stuff) the other 2 questions are for you guys to ask.   IF they pick the question you submit, then will send you a Figure or Small vehicle that is currently available at Retail.   IF you get yours answered 2 times in a row, the 2nd time you will get a Medium vehicle (there are only 5 QnA sessions this year so new Vehicles should be available by then).

PM me the questions because I don't want your good question getting sucked into the ether.  But please put a "PM sent" post in here. 

AFTER Question submission Deadline (March 8, but we are turning ours in Friday) I will post the questions I got.   I will let Jesse and Jeff pick which Joe questions (besides mine) get asked so that there is not a chance for anyone to think I accepted "lame" questions so that I did not have to have a contest winner. (Although, our guys ask the best questions so there is no chance to even get a lame question.)

Get your questions in.  I already have mine in mind.

Oh, and if they pick my questions all you guys owe me my weight in seems only fair.

I like the idea Paul - thanks a lot for offering it up - and your "contest" idea is a good one too.  I too am also happy about the subject restrictions Hasbro is going to be implementing in the future.  Now we get hints and sneek peaks instead garbage jibba-jabba that many people are posting.

Although I do hope Hasbro continues to "research" by checking into collection websites to hear how their fan base is doing so they still can hear the complaints when they do arise.

As for questions regarding Joes - I don't have any at this time.  However, I am now curious to see/ask if has a section to ask questions about the Marvel lines - Marvel Universe imparticular.

That is a really cool idea Paul.  I'm sort of glad to see Hasbro change up the "rules" for the Q and A a bit as well - particularly about what they'd like to be asked questions about.  I sort of hope we see something like that with Star Wars too, as I'm sort of tired the sarcastic questions from some of the sites (not here), and comments like "why do you suck Hasbro" sort of veiled into the questions.  I've been surprised Hasbro has even answered some of those questions over the past year or so.

Sounds like fun Paul!  At least (hopefully) only meaningful questions will be asked amongst the fandom from this point.  Glad to hear Hasbro is laying out some "hints" on questions.  I personally have little to no interest in ROC or POC so I don't think I'll be contributing much, but this is an awesome idea for those who do!

Don't let my paraphrasing of the rules keep you from asking questions... here it is from the PR group...

- Topics open for discussion – Deco Decisions, Design Choices, Design Process/Development and Redeco/Retooling. Also, questions pertaining to past and current Lore/Storyline, Line Strategy and Marketing.
· Topics that cannot be addressed - “When will X toy be made/redesigned/released?”, Hypothetical, Sales/Cost Data, Product Idea Submissions, Potential Design/Redesign and Future Movie/Entertainment.

So even if you are not a ROC or POC fan, I think there are questions to be asked for sure.


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