Author Topic: Couple Steal Toys, Sell on Ebay, Brag on Dr. Phil, & Finally Get Arrested  (Read 570 times)

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As the front page story says, a couple tried stealing toys to sell on Ebay, then gloat about it on Dr. Phil, and then lastly they went to the hooscow.  It's a funny story...  I guess they somehow pilferred a BMF which is no small task by my estimation.  They went on Dr. Phil for their "addiction" to stealing **** (uh, yeah), and acted more like they gloated.

And the cherry on top?  The uber-quack Dr. Phil got slammed by the judge for being such a sham as to have these asshats on!  :)  That's funny.

This was a feel-good-story all around I thought.
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