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Jesse James:
Forumite evilanimation scored $4 25th Anniversary figures at Big Lots on the West Coast...  Not sure if this will be nationwide or not, but I plan to check BL tonight at some point and see what's doing out here in the East anyway.

I figured this was also a convenient way to start a sales/discounts thread for GIJ stuff too.  Happy hunting!

The local store had their $10 line of ROC 12" figs on clearance starting last week.  I didn't notice if the 4" figs were still marked down or not.


My Targets are still sittng on gobs and gobs of Destros and turtle Vipers with a Baroness thrown in here or there for good measure.  $3.99 ain't helping either.  Nice to see who the true peg warmers are in my area though - now that I actually bothered to take a peek.  Night Ravens are still sitting even at $19.99.  This line needs more fiber in its diet.

--- Quote from: Jesse James on April 12, 2010, 03:33 PM ---Forumite evilanimation scored $4 25th Anniversary figures at Big Lots on the West Coast

--- End quote ---

I miss stopping by there to check out there odd/KO toy selection from time to time yet I think they're all but extinct in the Twin Cities.

I checked a Big lots near me in Pittsburgh and no 25th stuff

HTS is running a "Spring Sale" and there are several Joe things for sale - most notably imo are the exclusive MARS trooper 3 pack for $10 and the Cobra Gunship with Firefly for $15.

While that is good, I just wish there were some awesome discount codes to go along with them.


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