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K.  Got a vacation coming up, I'd like a little extra moolah to blow cause we are stopping by a casino or two.  (hopefully it won't be "blow" and it will be "win" but, I think most people that have that attitude going into a casino are just setting themselves up for a dissapointment.)  (heh.)  Anyway.  If you see anything you are interested in, please, let me know.  I'm going to have to ebay some of it in the next couple of days.


Star Wars PB. (From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker) 30th printing. (cover says over five million in print.) All pictures intact. VF    $1.00

Return Of The Jedi. PB. First Edition. ALl pictures Intact. VF.  $1.00

Splinter of the Mind's Eye. PB. 1978.  $1.00


In Box ESB Micro Collection (1980) Wampa cave complete. The box is sturdy, but a lot of scuff marks I guess you would call them. The box looks old. The figures are in good condition.     $12.00


Emperor. Loose. No accs. Some paint wear on face.   $2

Bib Fortuna: Coat, armour  $4

Video Games:

Shadows of the Empire (n64)  I believe I have the box for this and maybe the instructions, I'm going to have to check when I get home.    $6

The Sims (PC) Complete with manual and box  $6

Starcraft expansion: Brood war  with box.  $4

Newer stuff  

Orange Card  

Darth Vader carded short sabre  $3

FlashBack Photo

Luke Skywalker carded With Blaster Rifle and Electrobinoculars   $3

Power of the Jedi

Coruscant Guard Carded  $5

Jar Jar Binks Tatooine Carded  $2

Darth Maul Final Duel carded   $2

Tantive IV Defender carded (x1)  $5

Green Card

Garindan (Long Snoot) opened card  $1

Han Solo carded Original  $2

Han Solo Endor carded $2

Leia Monkey carded Bad card cond $1

Leia Slave carded Shelf Wear $2

[b Freeze Frame  [/b]

Bespin Luke carded $3

Leia Ewok carded Bad card cond $2

Lots of loose freeze frames and force files. .25 each.

Multi packs and beasts

Jabba's Dancer 3 pack MIB (2)  $8

Ronto w/ jawa MIB  $7

Final Jedi Duel (vader vs. luke w/ emp) Boxed  $8


Tusken Raider carded $1

Ep 1.

Sith Acc Pack Carded  $2

Naboo Acc set Carded  $2

Underwater Acc set Carded  $2

Senator Palpatine Carded  $2

Anakin Skywalker Tatooine carded $2

Darth Maul Jedi Duel (3) carded $1

Darth Maul Tatooine carded $2

Jar Jar Binks (1) carded $1

Mace Windu carded (2) $2

Qui-Gon Jinn carded $2

Ric Olie w/ helmet carded $3

Darth Maul Lightsabre in box bad shelf wear $8

Loose POTF2 and up figures:

Stormtrooper (POTF2) w/ blaster x 2  $2.5
Luke in Stormtrooper (potf2) complete  $2.5
Han Solo (buff) with gun (x2) .50
Leia Monkey w/Cape (x2) .50
Boushh Leia Complete $2
Boushh leia Figure Only  .50
Garindan Long Snoot W/Gun  $1
Han Solo Hoth Figure Only(closed hand)  .50
Buff Luke figure only .50
Boba Fett Delux w/ missle launcher and giant rocket pack.
A bunch of loose FF's, commtech chips, force files, and flashback thingers. Send me a want list.  .25 each


Beast Wars Package from Trans Con 2.  $2

The Loch Ness Monster Packaged c8 From Shadowbox
collectibles 1995  $5

Chance Bendem from Homeward Bound Packaged c5 from the movie  .50

The Mask Quick Draw Packaged c7 From Jim Carrey Movie
Creature Walks among us Packaged c6 Universal stuidoes monsters LBH  $2

The Mole People Packaged c6 Universal stuidoes monsters LBH  $2

Virus Attack Mr. Freeze Packaged c7 Batman Mission Masters 3  $2

Londo Mollari w/ Transport of centauri Packaged c6 Babylon  $3

Delenn w/ Minbari Flyer Packaged MOC Babylon  $3

Superhero stuff:


4"-6" (most from the 90s)  $2 unless noted.

Juggernaut 1st Complete
Cable 1st Figure Only  $1
Cannonball Complete
Apocalypse 1st Complete (extending)
Banshee  $1
Sauron Complete
Collusus 1st Complete
Cyclops 1st Complete (works)
Wolverine 1st Complete (mask and sword)
Thing figure only   $1
Venom (has a cirlce thing on his back) figure only  $1
Kane II missing right hand  $.50
Magneto 1st complete
Forge w/ gun
Corsair figure only  $1
Sotrm Black suite w/ bolt (electric doesn't work)
Forearm Complete
Nightcralwer 1st complete
Archangel white wings complete
Kane 1 complete
Red Head girl from alpha flight, figure only  $1
Rogue on opened card missing belt  $3
Senyaka complete  

Opened cards
Silver Samurai (broken sword)
Apocalypse I  $3
Strong guy (bad card cond)

DC super powers

hawkman (Figure only)  $2
delta probe one. (loose complete)  $6

I also have several thousand Comic books crossing all genres. Send me your want list for that.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures:

Slave Cordelia (from angel line) carded  $10

3 pack w/ Xander, and 2 cordelias (regular and cheerleader version) Boxed.  $30
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