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Got 2 more AT-ST's of the 3 I saw , I left one because I had to stop myself.

Force Guy:

--- Quote from: Darth_Anton on February 28, 2013, 09:42 AM ---Cheep imperial stuff is like crack.

--- End quote ---


You just can't go wrong paying $15.50 for an AT-ST. 

Jesse James:
A scale one at that...  I mean, this thing's truly a behemoth when you pose it right.  It towers.  I built this little "scaffold" around one for poops and giggles like a maintenance platform...  It's really insanely cool in set-ups that look like it's being maintained for some reason.

Word is the Drivers and Ewoks sets have hit clearance at $11 each. A WEEK TOO LATE. SCREW YOU, K-MART!  >:(

I'm kidding. $11 is good price.

Full price in Albany. :(


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