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I collected Playmates Toys' Trek line from the beginning, pre-Modern Star Wars, of course. It was fun while it lasted, but in the end it became more frustrating than satisfying. Impossible to get exclusives, arbitrary scale changes, short-packing, you name it; this line had it. I gave up about a year before the line's demise.

Art Asylum's line doesn't really do anything for me. They look terrific, but there's VERY little selection and the 7" scale doesn't allow for viable vehicles or playsets. Had this been a 3 3/4" line, I'd have been all over it. The Minimates are kinda cool, but unfortunately there's very little retail support for Trek in general so the entire line is waning.

That said, I have picked up a few items on clearance at Target. The Enterprise Deluxe figures feature bridge components that will help make a really cool Batcave and/or Birds of Prey Clocktower for my DC Direct figures. The scale is a little off, but not too bad. And the Borg: Assimilation figures are currently available for under $5 at Target and will look stunning trapped between my Alien Queen and Predator figures.

Anyone else into Trek?

Jesse James:
I agree that a 3.75" line would've enticed me to collect some ST figures, should they have been heavily articulated anyway.

AA's stuff looks nice, but I just can't afford larger scale figures anymore.  About $6 or $7 is my maximum per figure price range I think.

XD's $5.99 so I go with it...  BBi's are $4.99 which is a steal, and they're making multi-packs now so they are going to be a little cheaper I think...  Dragon's figures are few and far between and I only ever want one of each so that's cool.

A Star Trek line would break the bank, but if it were 3.75" scale, and diverse like the Star Wars line has been (With army builder-type figures too), and some vehicles and playsets...  Well, I'd gladly part with the $ for it.  The customizing possibilities would be as limitless as Star Wars has been, probably even easier considering the 'uniform" nature of the series and films.

I'd prefer modern series figures BTW, as opposed to the classic series or films...  I much preferred TNG and DS9 to anything.

It's a shame what Playmates did to the line and its fans.  Kinda like what Hasbro's doing to Star Wars right now, or what Hasbro/Kenner did to the Batman line...  Not pretty.

Star Trek.  What's that?   :P

You tryin' to score some brownie points with the JD boss here John?!?   :-*

This place is run by a Trekkie? That would explain a lot.

And Jesse, DS9 is my favorite Trek, but at a 3 3/4" scale, I'd find room for everybody, even the gang from The Final Frontier in their commando suits. (Uhura certainly went commando.)

Now if I could just unload my entire Playmates collection for a pretty penny.  :-\

Jesse James:
I can see it now...

"Jesse James Inc. announces new license...  Star Trek, 1:18"

1) Basic figure series of main characters, sub-characters, etc...  
-From all films, and all TV series.
-Articulation ranging from 16 to 18 points including ball/socket joints and pin/swivel joints.
-Features like working holsters, accessories with real cloth or thick thread straps, removable headgear, etc.
-figure stands.
-Removable limbs with pre-posed limbs available in sets (And "scene specific" headsculpts as well, for ease of customization).

2) Small vehicle line.
-Includes full-scale shuttlecraft, fighters, transports, runabouts, etc.
-full detailed interiors accurate 100% to their technical schematics.
-paint/damage variants.

3) Playset line.
-Full bridge playsets from all series and films, including the U.S.S. Enterprise D, DS9's Control Bridge, U.S.S. Enterprise A, U.S.S. Defiant, etc.
-"Key Area" Playsets like transporter sets, Medical Bay Sets.
-Environment sets from your Favorite Trek episodes and films.
-May work like Simpsons sets, in that they interconnect and such.

Could be a great line. :)


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