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Star Trekking, across the universe,
On the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk!   ;D

I collected Star Trek before I started the Star Wars line. Sold most of the figures & playsets. I only have the ships & odd figures left in my collection. I did pick up the new figures that are out. They are very well made.
A friend of mine has one heck of a collection that is almost as big as my SW stuff but my brother has the most. He even went as far as collecting the Franklin Mint stuff & has most of the original toys when they came out in the 60's.  :o

Yes, the boss here is a ST fan. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure he will chime in in time with his collection.  8)

I love AA's new figures. Unfortunately the second series of Enterpirse figures featured the crew in their EVA outfits and had two really cool aliens to boot. I never have found the aliens, and I really wanted that Andorian. man, they kick ass. (Unfortuantely, I lost track of the show because the local WB screws with the scheduling. We don't get UPN here.) And I'm not pleased that my second fave character, Trip Tucker, was an exclusive to some website.

When the Nemesis line came out, I was hoping for the entire Next Generation crew in their movie uniforms. Didn't happen.

Now I'm just hoping the TOS figures do extremely well. I need me a yellow shirted Kirk, man. Can't wait for AA to get to the Romulans and the Gorn. Maybe a Mugato. Sweet.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Kirk available at convention price :o at  

Yeah, yeah, I know.  But I ordered one. ;D

Yeah your head may spin a little Brent but this post is here now :-*

I thought about it but decided to room, no more packages, no more line etc etc...

The figures do look very, very nice


--- Quote from: Morgbug on August 11, 2003, 02:04 PM ---Yeah, yeah, I know.  But I ordered one. ;D

--- End quote ---

I ordered 2.  ;D  One for me & one for my ST collecting buddy!  8)
Thanks for the heads up Brent!  :-*


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