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Anyone ask Hasbro what was up their sleeve for ST beyond the Kreo they showed?

I was very surprised when the news came out that Hasbro was picking up the Star Trek license.  Especially considering how the toy line for the first JJ Abrams movie performed.

And now to see almost nothing (aside from Kreo) when the new movie is less than 2 months away?  It says to me that Hasbro must be hurting financially.

I don't know why they bothered. Star Trek has rarely had mainstream appeal as far as toys go. Playmates had a good run during a height of Trek popularity, but that was still mostly collectors. Of course, their movie stuff from a few years ago still lingers around Toys R Us, the second wave of figures never got made.

I was hoping as 3 3/4" line by Hasbro up to Star Wars standards, but the way things are now, it would've been a half dozen 5 point of articulation figures. So no loss.

Jesse James:
TNG/DS9 lines could suck me in but who would give a hoot?  I mean a good or at least decent 3.75" line...  Something Hasbro-ish in quality or at least The Hobbit quality which is Hasbro quality practically.

I'd dig that but who would care ya know?  Me, a select few like me, but not the masses which is needed.

The new movie was great, and the toys were decent, but once they hit that wall, yikes...  They did shockingly well here for a while at stores like Target and WM...  TRU not so much, and then once the movie faded off, and more toys shipped, yeesh.  A very TPM-ish scenario.  Still when I see them super cheap, I buy just for the chairs and consoles.  I've gotten some for a buck, and for a buck that little extra junk's worth it.

Picked up the complete Series One Kre-O sets for Star Trek the other day to add to my wife's Star Trek collection. When I got them home she didn't care for them so I took them all back today. Oh well...

Was tempted to keep one of the smaller items to see how well the light-tech stuff worked but decided against it.

Wish Hasbro had done a 3.75" line for this movie - could have been great.


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