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Count me as another who is very glad to hear that Nolan is sticking to his guns and going IMAX/HD for TDKR.  3D is fine I guess, but not everything needs to be 3D.

Not surprised that the Riddler isn't going to be in the film... the solving riddles schtick doesn't seem like a good fit with Nolan's Bat-verse.  I guess they could have changed him up, but why bother where there are other bad guys to exploit.

I'm still hoping that they can bring in some new baddies in this movie.  I loved the fact that they started out with Scarecrow and Ra's, and I'm really hoping they decide to showcase someone 'new' in this movie.  Batman has so many great villians, there is a treasure trove to choose from - Black Mask, Clayface, Firefly, Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, Lady Shiva, etc.

I can't see Croc, Clayface, Bane, Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy... any of the "super" beings.

I'm hoping for something along the lines of Catwoman working for MOB BOSS X.

Just don't do a super-movie killer by having 2+ villains. I prefer to have one showcased, and Nolan's done a good job of that. Sure, Scarecrow had an appearance in TDK, but that's all it was. But it was close to overkill with the Joker and Two-Face in it.

So why is he rising?  Didn't he already begin?

No Riddler - Win!!!

No 3D - Win!!!

Title - will be fine for me if the movie can match it's predecessors and keep the momentum going.

Title rationale theory - Batman killed the cops and a few others according to the "official story" so perhaps coming out from under the villain tag he'd get to keep Dent's rep intact?


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