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Kenner "Special Action Figure Set" 3-Packs

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Jesse James:
Seems like more of these are coming... snagged new images of 3 new sets.  Check out our front page story to get a direct link to them.

Two SW sets, one ESB set...  Only the ESB set is particularly interesting.  HOw fast is that one going to blow out the door?  :D  I doubt I even make a huge effort to try getting it because it's the "scalper's dream" for the assortment obviously.  Pretty straight forward repacks it seems with no alterations, which is AOK by me.

Captain Piet:
Decent sets. Now that I got sucked in w/ the nine-pack at $25, I'll get these.

These look good.

I wonder how in good conscience they can call that set a "Star Wars" set when the Death Star Trooper is clearly the ESB version with officer/riding boots instead of the lower boots that they wore in Ep IV.  It boggles the mind. Insert "Death of the Line" and all the other fanboy whiney posts from other sites here.

I'd be more upset if I thought they would NEVER re-do the DST (or Death Squad Commander) but you just can't logically say NEVER with Hasbro and Star Wars figures.   I don't think it is likely, but not willing to commit to never.

I guess I am missing it - but which one is the "scalper's dream"? 

Pass on these - though, if I didn't just (like 3 days ago) open my Hoth Leia, I would have probably returned her and bought the set she is in.

The set with the Hoth Rebel is the one JJ is referring to, I believe.


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