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Individual Target 9-Pack Figs FS
« on: January 13, 2011, 06:30 PM »
Hey guys, I picked up five Target exclusive 9-packs that I'm breaking up. Here's what I have for sale:

Hoth Rebels:

Hoth Rebel Soldier x5 $6.00 each ---PENDING

FX-7 x 5 $5.00 each ---1 PENDING

Han Solo x5 $2.00 each ---1 PENDING

Bespin Alliance: **3-pack unavailable**

Luke Skywalker x 5 $3.00 each ---PENDING

Lando x 5 $3.00 each

Bespin Guard x5 $3.00 each

Imperial Set:

4-Lom x 5 $2.00 each

TIE Pilot x 5 $6.00 each

AT-AT Driver x5 $5.00 each

Individual figures will be mailed loose with all accessories. If you're after a complete, MIB three pack, let me know and we'll work that out.

Please PM me with questions, concerns, or offers. I can offer some slight discounts for larger purchases, but shipping is not included with the prices.US buyers only please, and paypal is preferred as payment. My feedback can be found here:
Greg's feedback

Thanks for looking!
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