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If they did 3-3/4" scale, with similar quality to Star Wars, I'd buy every figure. 

I prefer the larger style figures, despite the space crunch. I find generally the smaller the toy, the crappier the quality. Especially in the sculpts/likenesses.

Yeah. it'd be great if we got the TVC quality 3 3/4 figs, but more likely we would get something more akin to THOR or POTC...ugh. Pass.

The odds are much better that these characters will look superior in a larger size, IMO. I think they did a great job, these are right up there with the Watchmen figures in terms of source accuracy.

I just wonder if I will actually ever see these in a store.

BBTS has pictures of the TV figures.

They look phenomenal.... it will definitely be tempting to get those Zombie figures.

As for the debate on scale, I prefer 3 3/4 inch stuff as a fan of toys. The smaller figures generally seem to be more durable since they are targeted towards kids, plus I can amass a larger collection since they don't take up as much space.

I do think the sculpting on the larger figures is terrific, but in my limited experience I have found Neca and DC select figures to be considerably more fragile than what I get from Hasbro. I haven't gotten anything made by McFarlane toys yet, but I'm sure I'll cave and get the TWD zombie figures.                           

I see Walking Dead has a big presence at SDCC. Anyone know if the figures are on display? Or for sale? I am wondering which retail outlets will actually carry these when released this Fall...

Finally saw these at TRU, pretty sure I will be unable to resist these. They just look too cool, and it's a small line I can easily accommodate right now. I just wish the pricing was better, $16.99 is a little steep, IMO.

Has anyone spotted these anyplace other than online or at TRU? I guess they are probably too gruesome for Walmart or Target, but I was hoping some comic shops or Hot Topic might carry them.


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