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The Clone Wars - Season Four Discussion Thread

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This isn't Season 4 specific necessarily, but I find it surprising (or telling) that since the finale aired, CW hasn't been on the air since.  I know it has only been a couple weeks, and I'm sure it is on its way back, but it seems so different than in the 1st (and even 2nd) seasons where they were playing it a replaying it several times a week.  With the backlog of episodes built up now, I'm surprised they don't play it on weekdays or something (like they do Ben 10 and some of their other shows).  It really does make you wonder if it is a drop in interest, or maybe just a period of trying out some new things.

JUSt FYI for anyone looking to pick up the newly released Season 4 set on blu-ray..I did some quick comparative shopping and noted the following:

Target: $49.99

Walmart: $39.99

Best Buy: $34.99

No extras, bonuses or any difference between the releases that I could see...I guess those frills have gone the way of the super articulated Clone Wars action figures.

Jesse James:
Wow, Target's a rip on this one.  Best Buy you can get reward points I guess and enjoy the notion of not going into Wal-Mart.  :D

Target and WalMart in my area both have the Season 4 set marked down to match the BestBuy price.

The shelf tag at Target says $49.99 but there's a "this week's sale" sticker in front of it and while WalMart had $39.96 on their shelf tag, it rang up for $34.96 when I went to check out.

So I think they are all about the same this week.

(for what it's worth).

But to echo what McMetal said - the Season 1 and 2 BluRay sets were MUCH NICER than the Season 3 or 4 ones. When people question where people get the idea that the Clone Wars is on its way out, it's things like that and time-slot moving that, to me at least, stink of the show winding down....

I got the Blu-Ray for Christmas again this year and finally finished it last week. Not bad, much better than Season 3, but you can tell the writers/producers don't care as much anymore as they did back in Seasons 1 and 2.

Maul storyline was super lame, as expected, but I liked the Asajj "loner" aspect. The Obi-Wan Assassination storyline had some good parts too but could have been better. Liked the Pong Krell arc. And honestly that's pretty much all I remember. Gonna rewatch the entire series from scratch soon though.


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