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The Clone Wars - Season Four Discussion Thread

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Season 4 Preview Trailer

Let the speculation begin!

Phase II Clones and not ARC's either (see the Plo Koon opening scene)


--- Quote from: Jeff on April  2, 2011, 10:58 AM ---Season 4 Preview Trailer

Let the speculation begin!

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Definitely Ackbar, probably Mon Calamari from the looks of it (yay!).  Phase 2 Rex and other clones.  Naboo.  Looks good.  It's always exciting to see new Star Wars... I just hope next year improves on this one.


--- Quote from: EpicGon on April  2, 2011, 10:16 AM ---Ackbar comes for season 4 as an anphibious guy
more duels: Dooku, jedi, Grievous; as they are changing timeline I hope they modify the boring cliché of Anakin never see Grievous, that would be challeging. Make them fight Filoni´s team

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That's Ackbar for sure! It looks like Captain Tarpels shows up too and duels Grievous as a lot of Gungans watch. Towards the end of the trailer you see him impale Grievous with his spear under the ribcage right through his shoulder. Not sure if the blow will incapacitate his saber arm because if he does not he will be cut in half. Pretty cool a Gungan is taking it to Grievous. I always like Captian Tarpels, this could redefine Gungans if he beats him and lives. I just hope next season is pure action and as little Padme as possible. Every time she shows up the episode stinks.


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