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The Clone Wars - Season Four Discussion Thread

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Jesse James:
And yet another video already...  Check It Out!

Hasbro's really jerking the fans along on Season 4 and it's a day after the Season 3 finale.  Good lord.

The eyecandy in this video is way better than the first one, IMO.

Jabba the Slug:
Went to Wondercon today and attended the TCW panel... it was so funny, because I was getting into line with my friend when he unknowingly bumped into Dave Filoni! I just stood there in awe with my eyes wide open. It was somewhat embarassing, as Filoni caught sight of me just staring at him.

The Season 4 trailer they previewed was different from the one that accompanied the Season 3 finale. By the looks of it, I wonder if Filoni is re-interpreting the Battle of Mon Calamari (from the original CW microseries) into the new animated format, as a shirtless Kit Fisto fighting alongside the Mon Calamari was in the preview, and it looks like they're even trying to sneak Ahsoka into the battle, too. It's funny, because if they do that, then they're slipping Ahsoka into a series done over 5 years ago - an example of good behind-the-scenes work.

During the Q/A, some little kid shyly asked if the "tall guy from the Nightsisters episode with the horns (Savage Opress) will find the other guy (Darth Maul)." Filoni laughed a little at the poor kid and said that YES, that plot point will be continued, but he didn't say if it would be next season.

Other Q/A answers:
- Another OT character might be on the next season of TCW
- Asajj Ventress will make a comeback (wasn't specified when, though)
- Luminara Unduli is also going to be getting a new outfit, too
- Filoni himself hasn't even worked out yet what will happen to Ahsoka as far as her eventual fate goes, so he's still unsure about what will happen with that
- 2 of the things he's most concerned about (plot-wise) are the fates of Rex and Ahsoka 

Wow! That one is pretty bad ass.  8)

A couple of things I picked out

Grievous on Naboo
Shirtless Kit Fisto
Some sort of Dexter Jettster type Jedi

I also caught a sleeker Republic fighter like an ARC-170/Z95/Xwing cross.


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