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Jesse James:
So I was thinking the other day about this...

The Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle line is neat, and they are doing the Yavin Tech w/Sled...  Not a bad choice since people are into the set, but what about other "Original Trilogy" based ideas?

I was thinking about this more in the context of the "just off screen" designs rather than things that were actually in the movie, but really either one would be cool I think.

One I'd really dig seeing, from the movie, is the Hoth Speeder/Gun Platform thing from the cut footage...  It's just about the size for a Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle format I think, and a Hoth Trooper variation with it would be ideal (or Luke I guess, with maybe a more weathered deco?).

I was also thinking it'd be really neat to see an MLC-3 update though...  A modern sculpt of the cool tank design.  It's something I still pick up to use with modern figures, actually.  I just love the MLC-3 though, as a small gun carriage.  It reminds me of a Bren Carrier from World War II or something like it.  Rolling along with Fleet Troopers, giving some supressing fire when they need it.  A mini-tank.

I could also see Hasbro whip up a Rebel Speederbike with a unique Rebel Scout...  Not the McQuarrie design, something a bit more traditional and like the Imperial bike, or a Swoop perhaps.  Even a repainted Swoop sculpt they have like the Pirate Speederbike Bane came with?  With a cool Rebel Scout figure on there, it could really do well I think as an army builder.

I was thinking also that little "pod" type speeder from Mos Eisley would possibly work as a Deluxe Fig w/Vehicle...  Not sure who you'd sneak in with it, but it's OT based, unmade, and maybe could include some kind of Bounty Hunter character?

I just really would like to see the Deluxe line expand from the Clone Wars a bit and look at the Original Trilogy more...  the upcoming original designs from Hasbro are neat, and have inspired me a little bit to hope for some expansion of the line.

I like this idea alot

For Episode 4, A little pod or speeder is a great idea, some sort of cantina alien thats never been produced

Episode 5, I'd love to see all sorts of Bespin craft

For episode 6, some Jabba's visitors transportation, I always thought with the sail barge, kinda like a hover windboard with a sail haha

thats my 2 cents


The CAP-2 redone...that was the best vintage mini-rig. Gave the non-Fett bounty hunters something they could use.

I would mind some Imperial scout thingies, anything to use with Imperial troopers would be fun in theory (droopy speeder bikes aside).

In terms of designs, I prefered the rigs that were more original designs more than the kiddie ride versions of larger vehicles. The ISP didn't work. The Sail Skiff was kind of neat, but also a reminder that the actual skiff should've been released first.

Jesse James:
I agree completely scockery, and liked the CAP, the MLC-3...  That stuff was way cooler.

That's what I like about the Clone Wars ones they're doing now...  That Clone one is pretty wicked looking as a small enclosed speederbike of sorts.

I could see something like that...  An Endor Forrest Ranger update?  I'd be into it.  Some new speederbike type designs would really get my interest.

I'd also dig maybe seeing something like teh Hoth Troop Transport, the Hoth Tank...  Maybe an update on the Accessory Pack Tank Droid even?  I'd be interested in it.

An Aquatic Rebel Vehicle would be neat too...  Like a Devilfish (GI Joe fans) for the Rebel Soldiers, with an aquatic Rebel Soldier?  A contrasting Imperial thing would be interesting too, with an Aquatic Imperial Trooper (very similar to a Scout Trooper, in the EU).

I'd actually really like the Imperial speederbike put into this wave...the resculpt we've all been waiting for.

Other than that, I would love that little laser cannon sled from the cut Hoth footage, and the pod spaceship parked outside the cantina.


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