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Original Trilogy Class I Sets You'd Like?

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Jesse James:
Oh without a doubt on the Speederbike getting a resculpt... A retooled Scout that can ride it, a clear stand so it's "hovering"...  I'd buy probably a dozen of those over time.


--- Quote from: LandotheScoundrel on May 28, 2011, 01:37 PM ---I'd actually really like the Imperial speederbike put into this wave...the resculpt we've all been waiting for.

--- End quote ---

Yes, priority one.

 - Imp Speederbike
 - Hoth Power Converter
 - Rebel Tech & Sled (Yavin supply crew)
 - Cruisemissile Trooper (POTF2): I actually liked the look of this, but would like to see it redone with a removeable figure instead of the built in head and arms

I'd actually like a reissue of the Hoth radar laser cannon from the Defense of Hoth set (which I never found), with the Hoth trooper.

Jesse James:
Not a bad idea there...  right in line with the size of deluxe too.


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