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I went back today and got price adjustments on both of the Mando Transport packs I had bought previously, and I was so pleased I went ahead and bought the very least 2-pack they had in stock, which just happened to the the AV-7 Artillery Cannon pack...the only other one of these I still wanted.

So all in all I came away with 4 sets for $80, 2 Mando sets, the AV-7 set, and the Droid Gunship set.


Got the mando combo and cannon combo today.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on November 14, 2012, 07:05 PM ---I was looking my shuttle over...  It's a neat ship, but not for what it ultimately was intended to be.  It's cooler as a small fighter than a shuttle...  The cockpit is pretty cramped and the ship's size is kind of unrealistic IMO, but as a little Mando fighter I think it has some hope so I'm going with that I think. 
--- End quote ---

Just opened mine. Oh, yeah it's cramped. I'm fine with it being a shuttle, but the body needed to be maybe a 1/2 inch or inch wider to give the figures elbow room. As much empty space was in the box, they had room to make it a tad bigger. Still, not enough transport craft made. Even if it had been a 3 seater, it still would deserve praise just for holding that many  figures.

Sale is still going on today according to Jedi Temple Archives.

I took my full priced one back today and had them do a return so I could rebut it using my groupon. I had to but something so it would be over $20 total but I found a new skylander that kids could use any way. I then used a $5 reward cash  ;D.  So basically I got my mando ship for $10!


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