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Ok, so technically it's not a "figure rumor" but EE has a new pre-listing up for a Mandalorian Gunship.  :o

No pictures or description, but based on my recollection this could be 1 of 2 different Mando ships. Either would be pretty cool as they are both interesting designs.

Hope to see more at SDCC!

I'm wondering if it might be this ship:


Jesse James:
As it says on the front page, a listing for a Mandalorian Gunship turned up at Entertainment Earth...

It's in a mid-size vehicle assortment so it's pretty safe to post in here I guess.

Any guesses what it is?  I'm thinking something Hasbro's making up, or they're doing the bounty hunter Gunship that Embo & Co. were in I guess.  Let the guessing games begin I suppose, till SDCC.

Hasbro hasn't invented any midsized Star Wars vehicles in a long time. Have they? Even the Jedi repaints were established in other media, right? (I'm no expert.)

Some folks at other boards point a Mandalorian shuttle and fighter seen on the cartoon. They'd have to be scaled down quite a bit.

Maybe it'll be the droid gunship repainted. Ha! Wouldn't that be lame.

There is a Mandalorian Gunship on Wookipedia. Kinda odd looking. Never seen it in any episodes of CW.


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