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Like I posted in the rumor thread, I get the feeling it's probably this fighter that appeared in the Death Watch trilogy of episodes:


It just better not be another repaint of the Republic Gunship, with a Bantha skull on the nose or something weak like that. Ugh.

Just as long as it's a brand new sculpt, I welcome it.

I have good news: at that price point, it *can't* be a Republic Gunship repaint.  It's another "Starfighter Class" vehicle so it being anything but an entirely new $25-$30 vehicle would be a real surprise.

Heck, I'd be happy if it WERE a Republic Gunship repaint.  Do you see what those stupid things go for on eBay now, after 6 repaints?  There's still a big market for this stuff.

My guess is it's that fighter from the show.  Cuould be a nice vehicle.

Preview pic posted on the Sandtroopers Twitter Feed.


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