Author Topic: Can Someone Please Explain the G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service to Me?  (Read 1563 times)

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So I've been checking out pictures of the BBTS Dreadnok set and keep coming across pictures and postings on the GI Joe Collector Club and Quarrel and Nano Bats and whatever.  I've seen reports on this over at HissTank and other places, but I can't really figure it out.  I've gone to whatever site apparently sponsors the whole deal, and still, I'm at a loss.

Can someone please explain the whole deal to me in very rudimentary fashion?  Is this related to the deal that sold Dial Tone for $40 or whatever?  Even if you just create a Wikipedia page for it and link it, that would be fine.
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OK Ryan....

GI Joe Club (

Is claiming they are going to offer a "Subscription Service" for 12 figures over the next 12 months (their claim, I am betting 8 figures in 24 months).

You sign up and you get them.  They are going to be figures that are not ever going to see retail, very obscure or don't fit the line.  They are going to be based on RAH/Foreign/Spy Troops/JvC etc.  But they will all be in  the 25th Styling.  Alot of reused parts with new heads or unreleased figs (Quarrel).

Now you can get a special 13th figure if your credit card does not decline at any time during the process...

It was announced about 10 months ago, was slated to start 6 months ago and probably won't get off the ground for 6 more months.

Oh and the figs break down to about $15 a piece after you pay shipping.  (and like me Tax)

The Topside figure looks really good, saw it in the case yesterday. 

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  Is that info new as of this weekend because the length of the sub is different than has been publicized up till now?  Also, last I knew they didn't have pricing yet.

  I tried to stop by the booth where the Club was co-located with Dan Khanna but every time I did Dan was the only one there.  I had a nice chat with him and got a cool print, though, so it wasn't a waste.  Still, I was hoping to get in a couple questions to the Club and never had the chance.

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