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So I recently bought some Detlofs from Ikea and was wondering what the best kind of light to use in them would be?  The employees at the store had no clue what this thing was.  They were not on the showfloor and I had to search the warehouse myself to find it.  Anywhoo -  they recommended a 4pack of lights called dioders (again the employees had no clue what kind of case this was since it wasn't on the floor) so I was wondering what you guys use if you have these or similar display cases.

Its been 11 years of collecting for me and I'm finally getting around to this since I finally own my own home.  I know detlofs aren't exactly ideal for Star Wars figures, but I'm not concerned with them at the moment.

Hope this isn't too general of a question...

Jesse James:
They make small strips of lights, like 4 or 5 LED's, run off batteries...

Assuming you don't want to have the lights on often at all, I'd go with these.  You can get them at home improvement places and stuff.  They're about 2 inches wide by maybe 7 or 8 inches long.  You can mount them in the top of shelves and things with simple screws.  They'd be my choice, ultimately.

LED's are efficient, burn relatively cool, are bright and focus light nicely.

Niub Niub used them when he did his last Celebration diorama set-up (Echo Base/Hoth) where he put them in the ceiling bits of the HOth corridors, and they lit them up eerily accurate to how the Hoth corridors looked.

If you get glass paint too, you can paint LED's other colors too, so if you wanted to have red lighting over a Sithy shelf or something, it's doable.

All of my cases use Ikea's NON lights.  They work great, don't generate too much heat (though I never leave them on very long anyway), and you can out them in series so one switch can run a whole bank of cabinets.

Jesse James:
That link isn't working Jeff, and I can't find them, but they sound interesting.  I'm considering some lighting options too, but I'm looking "cheap" and relatively easily replaced if broken.  Plus Ikea's all the way on the other side of Pitt. :(

They must be sold out right now since they aren't showing up anywhere on the site.  Maybe try this link to the Canadian website version.


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