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Thanks for the info Jesse & Jeff.  'Detlof' doesn't even show up on their site, but if you type in 'display' it shows up there so it's is kinda wonky so maybe the NONs are hiding somewhere.  They had quite a selection of lil lights at the store, but wanted to hear what other folk are using - and I don't really feel like opening the case each night to turn them on. 

Is halogen okay on plastic type toys?  I just don't want anything melting or discoloring.  Always kinda thought led would be a bit more forgiving, but only plan on keeping the lights on for maybe an hour or two each night so hopefully that'd be okay no matter which light I go with...

I've had mine for years and years and haven't ever noticed any discoloration in the figures from the lights.  There is definitely heat generated if they are left on for a long period of time (over an hour), but as long as the lights are 4 inches or so away from the figures, there is no melting going to occur.  At least nothing I've noticed with my SW stuff.  Not sure how the plastic in your TFers would fare though since those can be slightly different. 

If you check Home Depot or Lowe's, they have small LED lights that you can stick nearly anywhere.

Jesse James:
There's a, "I know where you can stick them!" remark in there.  :)

Yeah these are the ones I was talking about, more or less.  I like the strip because they just look more streamlined and give you a series of lights all at once, but there's little disc ones too.

Actually dollar stores sell the little LED disc lights you stick to a surface too, but beware of their quality as I've had some burst into flames (I **** you not) due to shoddy wiring/soldering.

I bought 2 LED Energizer hockey pucks over the weekend.  Not very bright at all, but they kind of do the trick for at least the top portion of the cabinets so I'll need to keep hunting for a better solution....or just buy more hockey pucks.


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