Author Topic: My Custom Mando Girl Fancy  (Read 1592 times)

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My Custom Mando Girl Fancy
« on: November 19, 2011, 05:24 PM »
his custom is a honor to my Aunt Darlene who died from Breast Cancer in September of 06'. My thoughts and prayers are to others who lost love ones.

Darlene "Fancy" Uhi

Darlene was married to a Mandolorian named Ashtun Uhi. When he died on the front from friendly fire from the Separatist forces. Darlene swore to make the Seps pay for her Husband's death. Though Darlene had never done much other than hunt for wild animals for Ashtun. So she became a Bounty Hunter to learn new skills. Upon learning new skills, she found that shooting with a pinky finger up was menacing to her bountys. In turn earning her the nickname "Fancy". After bounty hunting for 2 years she felt it was time to take out the whole Separatist Council to avenge her loved one. Though as the Republic became the Empire, she learned that her sacred goal had been striped from her. She now became obsessed to kill the one who took that advantage away.

^This shows her Facial Tattoos and I wanted to show the Breast Cancer Logo.  ;D

^This is my Favorite Pic.

Customizer's Note:
Everything is painted...

Jango Fett TAC 07' Helmet. (Fits women heads a lot better.)
Padme Lakeside Dinner Gown TAC 07' arms, torso, and head. (Made the jugglies bigger then added the chest plates, for the head I chopped the hair holder away. I don't think the scult looks like Natalie so I used the head.)
Luke Comic Pack TAC 07' belt with folded shirt.
Shaak Ti ROTS 05' Upper legs.
Aayla Secura ROTS 05' Lower legs.
Indiana Jones Satchel.
Modified ROTS 05' Evo Clone Commander side blaster.
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Re: My Custom Mando Girl Fancy
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2011, 01:46 PM »
Nice Mando girl. I like the face paint design. She is cute with her purse. Its like she is going to a battle at the mall.
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