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Sorry, didn't know where to post this...I don't see a thread for TVC Class 2 vehicles.

So the new ships have been spotted out in CA, according to GH. Again, I have looked closely at the attached scans and cannot for the life of me figure out how they are differentiating TCW and TVC vehicles now.

IS there a way to tell if a Class II (AKA midsize) vehicle is part of one line or the other?

I can assume the Pod Racers are part of the Vintage line, but I have no clue about the new AAT. The most recent AAT released was for the Clone Wars line, but does this thing belong there too?

I am hoping any TCW themed ships that may get released next year (if there are any) will have some sort of subscript or footnote/tagline/etc to set them apart. It actually does matter to some collectors like myself I think.

I think all four (AAT, Infiltrator, Pod Racers) of the "new" vehicles are movie related, not Clone Wars.

Most of the time, the vehicles intended to be Clone Wars vehicles have the words "The Clone Wars" on the box while the non-Clone Wars stuff doesn't - example:

Anakin's Ship - Clone Wars:

Cloud Car - Not Clone Wars:

Thanks Jeff, It was indeed easier to figure that out in the old packaging. I'm just wondering if they'll do likewise with the Maul packaging look.

The new battlepacks in the Maul packaging, for example, do not appear to be differentiated at all. The Republic Clone Troopers BP is not marked with the Clone Wars tag anywhere on the box that I can see.

I am hoping this is not going to be the case with the Deluxe sets and the mid-size vehicles as well. I honestly do not know how you would tell which items go with which line. (Which I'm sure is Hasbro's intent, frustrating as it is)

The AAT is prominently featured in TPM, so I figure that the new version in the Class II vehicle line will be branded as part of that line.

Yes the AAT is in the Maul packaging.


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