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2012 Movie Heroes Class II Vehicles

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I think i finally cleaned out all the local discount stores, but I did stumble across a TRU express yesterday with $15 Naboo Starfighters. I grabbed the only two they had. It was reported awhile ago that these were hitting there, but I hadn't personally seen it til yesterday. Good buy!

Looks like TRU Express stores still have a fair amount of the Darth Maul packaged vehicles on hand.  I was able to get another Naboo Starfighter as well as the Republic Fighter Tank repaint today at a TRU Express near me.  It might not have been a sweetheart deal like $15, but even at $19.99 it was a decent deal.

I found that Movie Heroes Fighter Tank  (missing the launchers) at a yard sale.  It's good to find anything action figure related at a garage sale, and I paid 50 cents for it but damn, what a hollow thing....they wanted $20 for that?

Jesse James:
What exactly is it?  I don't recall that one. ???

The Clone Army  hover Tank that only appeared in video games. They call if Republic Fighter Tank for some reason. This is the version they remade smaller and cheaper.

Republic Fighter Tank


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