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2012 TPM Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)

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Just checked in on the MTT @ Amazon and while they are still in-stock from other sellers (with fufillment by Amazon), it looks like's actual stock is all gone.

I wonder if they will bring in more or if that's it for them (thus ending the hopes of $30 MTTs from Amazon at some point).

They do that with LEGO I've noticed (in and out of their sales)

Amazon had these down to $80 again, so I finally pulled the trigger this. Have to admit that it's pretty fun, but I didn't realize that the Obi-wan was one of the E1 versions.

51% off

A Chinese ebay seller has the "rack" Battle Droids at 6 for $10, free shipping. If anyone wanted more of those.

Potential for army fodder but between the built in stands and only 2 joints. Also, no guns included.


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