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This Guy Thinks The PT Is Better Than The OT... See Why He Fails.

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Jesse James:
I can go to ROTS any time pretty easily as well...  As easily as any OT film, but to the article's point, that's (for me) one film of 3 that fits in with the level of quality of the original 3...  That's a bad record. :(

I can't watch AOTC and TPM as readily anymore...  AOTC a bit more easily, but TPM I find myself shutting off anymore.  It's a dismal failure of a film to me.  Select parts can make me happy, but not the whole.

AOTC, I'm much more into the 2nd half than the first...  Kamino onward maybe.  The rest, leave it.  The warrin' always gets me.

ROTS I'm a start to finish guy...  I loved it first time I saw it and have ever since.  Sucks the Vader "Nooooooooo" is there, but I can hack it.  It's a good movie.  It's the trainwreck.

I've always agreed with the idea championed here often that AOTC should've been where the new films started though.  :-\

So for what the article states, I agree with it that the PT is a much more flawed series of films compared to the OT, as far as entertainment goes.  ROTS is the "trainwreck" though and I'll forever love it too.  4 films I can go watch, at any point, and 2 I'll flick back and forth with.  I think the Clone Wars toon movie is superior to AOTC and TPM at this point.  :o

I'm in pretty much the same camp.  I really WANT to like TPM, but I just can't do it.  I watched both TPM and AOTC recently with my kids and just about fell asleep during the pod race scene.  Outside of the lightsaber duel, there's nothing here of interest.  When it first came out, I remember wondering all about Palpatine (is he the same guy? a clone? ), but once you know that, most everything else is filler. 

AOTC starts off slow as well with a similar pace.  It starts picking up when Obi-Wan faces off against Jango, so the last half is fun to watch.  ROTS is solid throughout, though I've probably seen that one the least. 

Mike Shaeffer:
I have no problem with someone thinking that Episodes I-III are better than the originals. In my opinion, I found the story arc of the prequels better than the originals, but the originals were better as standalone movies. Episode III is (so far) my favorite movie of all time.

To me, Star Wars should be like a buffet table. You take what you like, and you leave what you don't. If you like all six films, great. If you only like some of them, that is fine, too. If you want to read books, there are dozens of those. If you don't want to touch any EU material, that is fine, too.

As long as you aren't putting down someone for what they like (trolling), it is fine.

(Although, he does use the Darth Maul quote, "Fear is my ally," which isn't actually spoken in the movie...but oh well).


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