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This Guy Thinks The PT Is Better Than The OT... See Why He Fails.

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I agree the score for the PT isn't very inspiring. There are some hits, like the one you mentioned, Scott, but overall they (I don't know who made the decision) reused  the same theme for both the droids and clones, which just is disappointing.

Very good points on the score.  And it's funny that you mention Ben Burtt and the music editing.  I explicitly recall some behind the scenes video as they were putting the sound mix together for one of the PT films, and in on the mix is the guy who had done the score mixes for the OT films.  George still has him in on this part of the process.  But IIRC he was arguing with Ben Burtt about score mix issues.

The whole Ben Burtt thing was slammed home to me in the Obi vs Jango space battle above Geonosis.  There is no music at all and all sound effects.  He pretty much ruled everything on how the sound mix was done and effects and lame ass sounds overruled a lot of the music.  The OT was not that way at all, in fact in the awesome Making of Star Wars book from a few years back, he whined a lot that his sound effects were relegated to background then.  He was the douche who ****** around with the sound on the original DVD releases and totally screwed the score on that too...

Excellent point.  Ben Burtt was so in love with that sonic mine sound that the absence of the score does make the Geonosis space battle does suffer.  If you look at the asteroid field chase in TESB in comparison, the score really makes that sequence pop.

As a 40-year-old fan who grew up with the originals, I actually prefer watching the prequels - for many of the reasons listed in the article.  I love the political intrigue, the maneuvering and machinations of Palpatine, and the eventual triumph of the Sith in the third installment.  If I remember correctly, Kevin Smith expressed it succintly: watching the prequels is like watching a trainwreck.  The originals show us the crew trying to clean up the wreck and repair the track; but the prequels show us the events leading up to the wreck, and they show us the massive wreck itself.  Now, that doesn't mean that I think the prequels are better.  Not at all.  For me, the originals have a more solid and resonating feel to them; they are more "organic" than the prequels, and the characters feel a lot more "relatable" (I don't know about you, but I can relate a whole lot better to the daydreaming farmboy than I can to the monastic warrior, or to the politician.)  And there is something a little "cold" about the prequels.  Perhaps it has a lot to do with the presentation of such a clean and politically complex galaxy, seen at its apex.  And, of course, people bitch about the acting and the dialogue.  But when I watch the prequels, I don't see bad acting - I see Christensen and Portman portraying awkward characters: a repressed teenager in over his head, and a depressed politician dreaming of a simpler life - and both are romantic neophytes.  My wife hates to watch Christensen because of his acting.  But when I watch Attack of the Clones, I don't see bad acting, I see an awkward character.  To be fair, I'm not sure that that was Christensen's intention, but that's how I see it nonetheless.

So, if I get the itch to sit down and watch a Star Wars movie, invariably, my hand grabs a prequel.  As awesome and classic as the originals are, nothing gets my blood flowing like watching Anakin massacre the Separatist Council, or watching Yoda duke it out with Sidious.  It's not that I don't love the originals; it's just that I like watching the prequels more. 


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