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Jesse James:
Never in a movie year.

I'm into new figures if they're improved I guess...  They're just a little disappointing in choice, but I'm open to what they ultimately look like.  Like if Luke's a battle worn one, I kinda dig that.  Boba could be really cool... 

The price seems fair too, for now anyway.

It seems BP's these days are all top tier characters so they make some sense from a marketing perspective. I am glad they have new tooling it better that outdated sculpts with nothing new for the collector. If these are killer sculpts as Galactic Hunter reports I am ok with this.

I am not too happy with the current EP1 Obi he can stand for a lot of improvements the articulation is too hindered. Qui-Gon is not as bad but really needs a new head sculpt and for sure a new Lightsaber, they better retire the 1999 one. I bet maul will have a new head and wait for it....a new left glove without the probe droid controller. They milked those tools like no tomorrow because these were coming.

I like the idea of a battle damaged Luke with some new tooling but Vader and Boba? The upcoming Vader with the ball jointed hips and a new hand is a nice upgrade but what more can you do with him. I am 100% happy with the current ESB Fett he is perfect. (Ball Jointed hips for him is not needed if that's what they had in mind.
I agree this could have been the perfect time to get a updated Lando. I get the need for Luke and Vader for a battles sake but Lando would have made sense since he dealt with Vader and save a battle damaged Luke from the weathervane...

These sound like they may be half decent, truth be told I miss the days of cool BP's that had new stuff. As JJ pointed out it at least justifies the price more.

I was actually happy when Hasbro went to straight re-packs on Battle Packs.  I hated buying BPs for 1 new figure/character, especially when the rest didn't include army builders.  The first Ilum Padme set, for example.  Yes, it came with a new droid sculpt, but it also came with a C-3PO and R2 I had no use for.

I don't mind that the BPs are not for "us," the collectors, and I really can't understand why people got so pissed every time a new BP was announced and there was nothing new in it.  It's like some people wanted to have to spend $20+ on a set just for that one new figure.  Did everyone forget that quick that they used to bitch about the 1 new figure in a 5 pack that they "had to buy" only to be "stuck" with extra stuff they didn't want?

The BP sets make decent gifts, mostly, because they're usually main characters or, in the case of Clone Wars, quite often have some army builder draw to them.  But if it weren't for that, I wouldn't mind seeing Hasbro dump that assortment and diversify the Class I Fleet Vehicle line.  IMO, that's still their best assortment outside of the basic action figures, they're excellent toys and that's something that the SW line lacks sometimes.

Specifically with these two Battle Packs; I don't know what Hasbro's game is.  They have about 4 each (or more) of Obi/Qui/Maul figures available right now at multiple price points using multiple sculpts, mostly old.  I see no reason why they're doing this BP of them rather than carding them, except that it gives them time to make more money from the existing tooling before moving on later in the year. 

The Bespin set doesn't make much more sense to me either because we're getting a new ANH Vader, were shown an ROTJ Vader that'll be in the SDCC set and then retail and then an ESB version in the BP.  We have an excellent VC Bespin Luke that just came out, their second "vintage" stab at him already, and Fett?  I need another attempt at Fett like I need someone to come and kick me in the head.

I've been on the hunt lately to pare my collection down to the definitive version of each main Saga character and I think part of my hate on these packs is that there will be something that will be JUST a little better than what I have already and I'll feel compelled to buy these.  Everytime this happens I buy a little more into the conspiracy theories about Hasbro making figures not quite as good as they can just so they can do another version and make us buy.


Jesse James:
Yeah I kinda was enjoying not caring about Battlepacks almost...  Something new forces me back into wanting that one thing for $20 and a bunch of stuff I don't care about.  I'm kinda hopeful they'll try to make most/all of what you're buying appealing.  The prices really would deter me from buying the set for that one figure.

It also is going to perpetuate theft...  It already has, but I think with realistic, it'll be even worse.

Jabba the Slug:
Wait - so these packs will have *NEW* figure sculpts? Am I reading that right?

I don't get it, we just got an all-new Maul sculpt in TVC. This is really weird. To top it off, I just read somewhere that Hasbro even said that these new sculpts are very good ones.

I guess time will tell. But it sucks that Hasbro didn't send the TF12 powerpoints.


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